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On Top of the World.

Towards the end of last autumn and as winter approached, I discovered to my complete joy that in all the years that I have been enjoying shooting infrared light, it is in fact possible to revel in it the whole year-round; weather permitting of course. No longer do I feel that ol’ sinking feeling once the clocks go back in the so-called knowledge that my IR cameras should just get hung up again until the spring and instead, I simply look forward to the next IR-perfect day on which I can get back out there and shoot. Subject matter is everything of course and here in Scotland there is no shortage of inspiration nor of places as yet unseen through my lenses. 


35chronicle.167 (1)


Whilst some of my subjects may appear (even to me) safe, popular, somewhat predictable even, I cannot help but feel a huge amount of happiness and satisfaction at being able to capture them under lightwaves less commonly photographed and, share an alternative view of my world that to most, is not often enjoyed. Caerlaverock Castle is certainly one of D&G’s most prominent and beautiful landmarks and, back in June – on the day of the summer solstice, my IR-eye was put back to work. The first post of this two-parter was published only eleven posts ago, yet all the way back in August which only makes me realise just how much catching up I still have to do however, I have been extremely busy during my recovery from the events of April and, there still seems so much to do – but I really am getting there and, to be bluntly honest, it really is a bloody good feeling. Sure, I am a little snowed under, but I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.


35chronicle.167 (2)


As summers pass and autumns draw; let winters come and thwart no more.

My lens will be there; somewhere.



35chronicle.167 (3)


[All Images: Fujifilm X100 720nm IR Internal Conversion.]

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12 thoughts on “Caerlaverock Castle | 720nm Infrared – PT.II | 35Chronicle

  1. Beautiful work Robert. I was reading last night about how limited human’s visual and audio spectrums are. The author was talking about our ability to perceive and pondering what other states of mind could be rattling about in our brains that are simply out-of-range, and what possible discoveries we could make if our perception of these states of mind were heightened. Your IR art brings one of these realms into focus for us. One of the things I enjoy is bending my mind in different ways and with different perceptions. For example, you first pic above, the distance switches the scale and I can see this as being in miniature – fun stuff. Your work also brings out detail that normally slips past us – like your close up shots where I can see the detail in the stone work and wonder how the stone mason chose each piece to the puzzle they were building 🙂

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    1. That’s what I love about your comments, Harold; always delving that bit deeper. I like that. You actually grasped why I posted the top shot first. As large and remarkable as some structures are, the sky is always going to be bigger and will never be competed with on grounds of scale. But in a tiny space under the sky can sit something so gorgeous, so important, that even on a scale like this, can’t be ignored. Whilst shooting in visible light for black and white gives me the contrast that I love, infrared in the right light lends so, so much more to the point where it truly is etherial and, joyful. It’s why I keep doing it, I guess. As for details, it’s impossible to tire of those. My mind is constantly bending. But wouldn’t it be amazing to actually find out what what exists on all our peripheries? Great to hear from you, as always, Harold! Have a fabulous Sunday, my friend! Best, Rob. 🙏


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