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If I Had a Tail, I’d Never Stop Chasing It.

Why the heck has it taken me so flippin’ long to get back up here to shoot this gorgeous church? As with the Goldielea Viaduct (Post 163) – Crichton Church has always been one of those places regularly on my map, a constant and long since dog-eared post-it note in my head to come and photograph it on some such blue-sky day as this.

I | The East Face | 35mm | 720nm IR

35chronicle.169 (1)


Lately, I have been seeing it rather a lot (four times a week as it happens) because, I pass it each time I head out for another of my twice weekly physio sessions. Set virtually in the centre of the beautiful 100 (or so) acre grounds of the Crichton Campus (this place has so much history, it’s ridiculous – see here, at Wiki if you’d like to have a read up) it commands a vast space, popular and well known to anyone who has ever had any reason to visit; and they’d be many. 

The Crichton Campus itself  is home not only to the University of the West of Scotland (this happens to be its smallest campus) but also local businesses (which have, since 2013, set up in many of its grand, sandstone buildings throughout the estate – after the closure and relocation of the old psychiatric hospital); it’s also a very popular location for wedding parties and holiday-makers and, as you might imagine from this, the grounds are usually a lot busier with people than these frames might suggest. On this day, I got very lucky. 

II | South Face w/ Shadows | 24mm | 720nm IR

35chronicle.169 (2)


I really do hope you’ll enjoy these first few frames of this little series, photographed during mid-morning only a few weeks ago, as the season seemed to more firmly dig its heels in, we did have to hang around for a good hour or more while we waited for the lower mid-autumn sun to gain a little more altitude for these captures. (Thankfully, there’s a wonderful bistro on campus that serves a fabulous cooked breakfast!)  Frame 2 is a little hello from us, to you – as I prepare to return to work next week after what has been a strenuous seven months to say the least, and also, a proud statement on my part that the one who has been right here with me through it all, is still smiling, even in shadow.

As am I. 

For now, toodle-pip!


III | West Face | 35mm | 720nm IR

35chronicle.169 (3)

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6 thoughts on “The Crichton Memorial Church | 720nm Infrared – PT.I | 35Chronicle

    1. Amar, thank you so much, my friend! Really happy that you like theses. You’ll also be happy to know that my LTFS A16 is earning its keep! More to come… Keep well, my friend! 🙏 📷


    2. Needed 24 to get the tree’s shadow in at that distance. I’m quite taken with it too. Your praise is well received, my friend, thank you! I just hope I haven’t peaked tooooo early! 😳😂


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