Down by the River | PT.III | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

autumn / fall, black & white, infrared, photography, structures, trees, waterscape

Sound Reflections of Light?

Here are just a few more frames, shot a couple of weeks ago along the River Nith, not far from my home. On a glorious afternoon like this, I can just grab my bag and within a couple of minutes, I’m here; looking ahead of me, looking around me, looking for a patch of light that might catch my eye in a way I haven’t yet seen, and then, I’ll look back – to see what, if anything, has changed in the scenes that I have passed. Light can alter so quickly, especially at this time of day when the mid-autumn sun is dipping fast away to the west and it’s all too easy to miss what we have perhaps dismissed already. It’s better not to. It’s better to look back and not miss it. If it’s there. And it was here.

Though I was running a tad late on my walk to collect a certain young lad from school, I can justify that in my slight (and uncharacteristic) tardiness were in fact a few beautiful reasons. At seven, I’m not certain he’d understand, but a forgiving soul, he is. Looking back, it’s a wonderful view.

I do hope you’ll enjoy these few frames.

– R –


I | The Sound of Light.

35chronicle.171 (1)

II | The Grey Heron.

35chronicle.171 (3)

III | Through the Eye of the Beholder.

35chronicle.171 (2)


[All frames: Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS Conversion w/Hoya R72 – 720nm IR Lens Mounted Filter]

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8 thoughts on “Down by the River | PT.III | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

    1. Hi Goff, great to see you again. I do find, when composing for IR, that frames appear a whole lot stronger when shooting a nature scene with a strong man-made structure to counter her softness. I guess that’s why I love old ruins and graveyards so much too. Makes me happy! 😁🙏 Thank you so much for your kind comments Goff. All the best, Rob.

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