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Multiple Exposures, Perhaps?

In a way, I suppose that blogging is as much about diarising as it is about simply sharing what we do, think, or feel, sharing who we actually are – adding little pieces of ourselves to a community that in some way might appreciate it, and give back too. For me, it’s about all things – including the sometimes more personal side of my own life. Though I am not one to purposefully overshare (believing instead in the sacred and private aspects of life) I would like to share these few words, inspired by someone very, very special who has been here for me tirelessly and in every conceivable way – throughout my recovery from multiple spinal (and other less serious) fractures and injuries, back in April. It’s been a winding road thus far – and the fact that I can share these words and images with you all, is a testament to many, many people, and yet most of all, one.  It’s about as real as it gets but I don’t often share like this, so you’ll please forgive me for opening up this way. Photography for me, is so important – probably my biggest ‘thing’. But it’s not – everything.


‘Keep Me Giving’.

As I look now to brighter times,
Routines return, lay-ins subside;
And, before my mindset changes tack,
Special memories are skipping back.

Many of them circle my mind,
But, the fondest here, I think you’ll find,
A recent jaunt, a cold birthday weekend,
In celebration of my love and, my friend.

For these frames you see were only made
Of patience, love and a care that stayed,
That helped me heal in body and mind,
And to keep me giving, of the very same kind.

– R –

I | Over Princes Street Christmas Market & Waverley Station from Edinburgh Castle. The Light-Beam, Shining from the Castle to Nelson’s Column on Calton Hill. | 0.5″ – f7.6 – ISO:400 – Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS Conversion [Unfiltered].

35chronicle.172 (1)

II | Waiting to Cross – Edinburgh | 1/25th” [Handheld] – f4.8 – ISO:3200 [No NR] – Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS Conversion [Unfiltered].

35chronicle.172 (2)

III | Moonrise from Edinburgh Castle, with Light-Beam to Nelson’s Column. | 0.5″ – f8 – ISO:1600 – Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS Conversion [Unfiltered].

35chronicle.172 (3)


Now, we can move on.

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6 thoughts on “Edinburgh Nightscapes | PT.I – Final Postcards from the Recovery Position | 35Chronicle

    1. Thank you, Stuart. Really glad you enjoyed them! For night shooting, LTFS is the best way to go for tone and contrast. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised as to how well these turned out!


  1. I love the output of A16 LTFS (unfiltered). The blacks become more black yet retain all the details. You have exploited this tool to its limits. Thank you for sharing your passion & expertise. More than that I am touched by your beautiful poetic words!
    Keep going my friend. You have lot more to share with all your followers.
    Just one piece of advice: take it easy at work, ease yourself in slowly especially in the beginning.
    All the very best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amar, you created this thing and I’m so grateful for it. I remember shooting St. Giles in Edinburgh last year with it too and was totally blown away by how it renders. Its great for daytime, low light but at night it gave me shutter speeds more usable than the standard camera at same f stop and ISO. Even at 3200 I’m gobsmacked by its mono output. So much fun!

      I’m not sure about my word prowess but I’m very grateful for your kind comments, my friend. Though a little pensive about going back, I’m certainly strong enough to return. It’s more the mindset than anything else. I have a good support network and will take it gently, I can assure you.

      A good number of works in the bank and I’ll be posting again at regular intervals… watch this space. Have a great weekend, Amar! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷


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