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From my Quiet Corner.

It’s not often that I photograph people anymore, however this post for me at least, is a little more poignant. This year has seen hospital visits very frequently on my agendas. Not only for myself have I spent time in one or another, but sadly with an ageing family member and the problems exacerbated by the very same and unstoppable process,  this has brought on the necessity to spend even more time in various departments and wards throughout the year. But there’s something else about hospitals other than the obvious that runs deep in their very ethos that, if you simply look around you – can be seen everywhere. 


35chronicle.176 (1)


Now, I know it’s absolutely not ethical nor even polite to photograph at random the unfortunate plights of others in such a personal context, so, I’d like to share instead a couple of simple frames which for me epitomise the deeper connections between human beings  that I have only ever witnessed so emphatically – in hospitals. Though I have hung on to these shots for a good number of months, (I found it very difficult to find a cohesive context in which to publish them) now – I feel I can share them in such a way that I would hope makes such clear sense as to render the message obvious. 

As I sat in the corner of a nearby community hospital, observing Angela with her ninety-nine year old grandmother, Ellen, who had by then been a patient there for over two months, the intimacy and love that filled the room was something that I just had to try to capture. Heart-melting moments, right there in front of me.

Thankfully, Ellen is home again at the time of writing and is doing very well indeed. (We’ve had to withhold the sherry though; just in case.)


35chronicle.176 (2)


[Both frames were discreetly captured on my secreted Ricoh GR, set to my preferred 35mm Crop mode.] 

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8 thoughts on “On Human Connections (& the Withholding of Sherry!) | 35Chronicle

  1. Thank you for overcoming your scruples and publishing these photos of Angela and her grandmother. The triangle formed by their bodies in the second photo is the one we are so used to from the scenes of the nativity of the High Renaissance where you can see clearly that the life flowing between the human figures is just one life.

    All your photos have your love of place and people as their central motif. I hope you and yours continue in health and in the bests spirits through your days together………….Sarah

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. Such thoughtful words. I somehow had a problem with posting them while Ellen was still an inpatient and feel happier now that she’s home, to share moments that define a part of what it is to be human. And it’s such an important aspect of what and who we are.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments and wishes, and I wish you the very same. Very best, Rob..


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