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black & white, full-spectrum, night / low-light, photography, rural, structures

I am Automation.

From PT.I – a little more mono / full-spectrum fun in a few frames from inside a couple of the workshops. The ISO and Tv values might suggest use of a standard VIS light camera, however, the lack of natural light was a real issue, though reasonably easily overcome by LTFS and a steady hand, despite the distinct lack of UVIR infiltration. Despite a higher ISO in combination with what is essentially, technologically speaking, an ancient camera – I am delighted with the level of detail and contrast in these frames. I do hope you’ll also enjoy them, for what they are.

– R –

IV | The Donkey Engine | LTFS 1/45th – f4.8 – ISO:1600 – 35mm.

35chronicle.180 (1)

V | Back-End of a Donkey [Engine] | LTFS 1/75th – f5.5 – ISO:1600 – 85mm.

35chronicle.180 (2)

VI | Spinning & Reeling | LTFS 1/30th – f7.5 – ISO:1600 – 35mm.

35chronicle.180 (3)


[All images in this New Lanark series – snagged with a Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS (from ~280nm to ~1300nm) internal conversion, unfiltered.]

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