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Meet the Family.

Breaking with tradition here somewhat (as in – I’m not posting any IR, ruins, waterscapes or close-ups, for a change) it’s time to have a little break from my usual outings and big-up some very important people. Well, almost all people anyway. This is the crowd that put up with me and my photo-shenanigans, as well as everything else too and, without whom – my life could be so, so different. It is said that behind every good man, there’s a good woman and it’s very true. But also, there are a couple of great boys and, two long-suffering beagles, as well. Usually, I’d post this many shots over a couple of posts but this is different – we don’t spread out over two pages in life, so, here we all are.

I have always been so grateful to all of my readers and contributors throughout the evolution of my pages – yes, that means you too, and (aside from the pooches, obviously) each and every one posted here knows just how important photography has always been and still is to me and, how I strive to do something with it that satisfies my inner need. With that said, this isn’t just about you meeting us all, but it’s also about the lot of us meeting you too. As a whole.

I often miss the genre of portraiture after having enjoyed it for so many years, and it’s always fun to find an excuse to grab a camera and snag little moments – especially when they mean so much. Life can change in the blink of an eye and I know just how lucky I am to have them all in mine. This is what it’s all for.

From us to you… hi!

I | Corby-J. – Looking Like a Backgammon Master but actually asking “What Cunning Kind of Devilry is This?! Hmmm!”

35chronicle.188 (1)

II | Flynn – Starbucks (Either Overly Focused or, Potentially Hypnotised by Hot Chocolate & Cake!) 

35chronicle.188 (6)

III | Angela & Paisley (4 Hours Old) – Delivery Suite.

35chronicle.188 (5)

IV | Lucy – An Ageing, Slightly Limping but Surprisingly Resourceful Jack Russell.

35chronicle.188 (2)

V | Noodle – A Disloyal, Yet Ridiculously Easily Bought-Off Siberian Huskey. 

35chronicle.188 (3)

VI | Rob – by Ang. “Help! Some Woman Just Nabbed my Camera!” (First Day Off the Crutches – Outside a Bar in Falkirk!)

35chronicle.188 (4)


[Normal service will undoubtedly be resumed by the next post! As always, thank you for visiting!]


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13 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: An Introduction | 35Chronicle

    1. Thank you, Steve! Thought it was about time I gave a big-up to my ultimate support network! My crew! Its one thing to have an obsession but to have people around who care enough to understand, and understand enough to care.. that’s the bonus-ball of life, don’t you think? They’re a bloody good bunch but how they put up with me, I’ll never know. 🤣🙏

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