Closer Still(s) | PT.XXVIII | Tulips [Mono.]

35mm, black & white, close-up, macro, nature, night / low-light, photography

Moving Out, Moving In.

Keeping to recent changes in ideas that I’ve been having about how I photograph, process and publish (basically, I am feeling the need to shake things up a little after a winter ‘lull’) – I decided that, whilst I continue to shoot in RAW and JPG, I would for a while concentrate solely on working with OOC JPGS with as little processing as I could let myself get away with, no matter what my subject matter.

A couple of days ago I took some time out with my X100S to shoot these beautiful yellow tulips in my newly put-together macro-studio (aka: the Black Room, aka: the cupboard under the stairs!) and after an hour or so playing with various exposures, I emerged back into the light of the middle landing with some pleasing frames. After uploading to Lr – checking my spot-metered exposures, I set to work in editing my chosen keepers. Here, are the three finalists, processed from the resultant JPGS, with minor tweaks to contrast, clarity and shadow depth, with just a hint of split-toning for a tiny smidgen of warmth. 

I | 1/10th” – f8.0 – ISO:200

35chronicle.194 (1)

II | 1/8th” – f8.0 – ISO:200

35chronicle.194 (3)

III | 1/4th” – f8.0 – ISO:200

35chronicle.194 (2)


Of course, at the sizes I’ve chosen to upload (I never upload full-resolution frames) – for web-viewing, the difference may be a little more difficult to appreciate when it comes to RAW versus JPG IQ however, when considering that all frames were exposed at ISO:200, I really don’t think that (aside from the obvious processing latitude advantages of trickier RAW exposures) there really would not have been all that much to shout about. I still don’t know the answer to that one either – I haven’t even looked at the RAWs yet. These frames please me that much. 

Thank you so much for reading my pages and, I hope you too will enjoy these captures.

– R –

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13 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XXVIII | Tulips [Mono.]

  1. Nice work for a “closet” photographer, Rob. 🙂 I prefer one and two with the second being the favorite. I usually like closeups better than the entire subject, but in this case I really am enjoying the whole bunch and vase in the light you’ve captured. The illumination in your control has captured a bit of the waxy glow from the petals. I will be interested is seeing what you do, if you do anything, with the RAW files.
    If you are interested in the wok of another who did black and white florals, I purchased this book through Amazon a few years ago. The style isn’t exactly my taste or in keeping exactly with what you have done but there are ideas in his work to be gleaned.


    1. The petals themselves had a waxy look to them, and I had to look again because at first I thought it was my X100S processing engine creating a the look. But no, it’s faithful. I really like the output. I had a little time with the RAWs and, to my surprise (because I haven’t processed a JPG for years) that I couldn’t achieve the same level of detail front the RAW. Perhaps its my old version of Lr (it was known for not working well with RAF files). For my preferred elevated contrast, mono output, though, the Js are just fine. Really happy ’em! 😁 I’ve looked at your link for the book by the way, seen a nucy priced used copy and fully intend to endulge! Thank you SO much, Steve. And this is another reason I enjoy WP so much! Great to read your comments, my friend. Very grateful! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Oh, mine too!! Shot 3 was made with a Hoya +10 on the lens but I love the X100S for macro. Its more versatile than a lot of people realise. I haven’t tried the new V version but to my eyes, the S and the original had by far the better sensors. I’m so happy to read your comments, Reinhold. Thank you so much! Best, Rob 🙏 📷


  2. Beautiful shots Rob. Raw v jpeg? I shoot Raw only because for most of my subjects I like to be able to adjust everything. Must say I process in Nikon capture NX-D and don’t have lr/ps etc so can only do the ‘basic’ adjustments.

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    1. Hi Brian! With the work you produce, that doesn’t surprise me. I’d be thinking on the same lines, for sure. But for the kind of shots I make, and the output I favour, I’m lately not seeing the advantages of RAW as completely necessary. It’s horses for courses I guess. As for Lr – I’m still using 4.4 (!) and is STILL has too many adjustments for my needs! Great to hear from you again! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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  3. These are stunning. If your framing, lighting, and exposure are perfect and the picture reflects what you saw and want to show, there’s no reason not to use OOC jpg files. As a general rule, when I am shooting what ends up in the camera is something that I always intended to be a starting point for what my imagination conjures up in relationship to it. Therefore I always use the RAW files and take it from there in post. And sometimes I take it pretty far! Different philosophy. But both philosophies are entirely valid. And again, these images are absolutely stunning.


    1. Hi Michael. I have to agree with you.. I’ve always had a habit of using RAWs as negatives with a view to exploiting all that extra latitude but lately, I’m finding that with good composition and exposure, and a decent sensor and processing chip of course, there’s little for me to do save for a few minor tweaks. I’m delighted to receive such kind comments. Thank you so much, my friend! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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