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You may recall that I posted a few frames from the Chapel ruins here at the site of Hermitage Castle, back on the 9th of the month and, as we all know , a lot has changed since then. All I can say now is that without the benefit of foresight, I am so glad that we made the trip to Hermitage when we did. Not weeks before, around eighty homes were evacuated due to the severe floods in the area, the Hermitage water was some 12-15 feet higher than usual and, even most of the roads leading here had collapsed. As a result, it was touch and go as to whether we might have made it at all, however, fortunately for us, the road was passable right up to the point of the small bridge at the monument’s road-end, thus – a dead end. But we got here. 


35chronicle.198 (1)


The monuments origins date back to around 1240 and was believed to have started out its life as a hunting lodge not far away from the castle itself. The castle we see today, however, wasn’t believed to have been built until the early to mid-fourteenth century and as you would imagine, is steeped in history and – horror stories. For me, though, its foreboding presence amidst wide expanses of moorland, the now peaceful Hermitage Water below it and, its views to the hills, make Hermitage Castle not only a beautiful place to be but, a very pleasing frame-filler, too. More information, if you wish, can be found here: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/hawick/hermitagecastle/index.html – I do hope you’ll enjoy these few frames.


35chronicle.198 (2)


Needless to say, these are recently archived shots – no trips disobeying government guidelines regarding COVID-19 have been made and, as one working on the front-line of healthcare myself, may I please urge everyone to maintain our  conscientious attitudes in fighting this outbreak. We can only do this together. I sincerely hope that all of you and yours are keeping well! 

Remember – Please, Stay at Home.



35chronicle.198 (3)


[All frames: Fujifilm X100 – Internal 720nm Infrared Conversion / f8.0 – ISO:320]

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11 thoughts on “Hermitage Castle | PT.I – 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. These old buildings are wonderful. The fact that they are still in existence says so much about the construction knowledge of those times. How many of our currently built structures will last 800 years…and how many of them would we want to do so.
    My best wishes and hopes for you and your family to come out of this safe and healthy, Rob.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right, Steve. We just don’t make stuff like we used to. Flippin’ ‘eck, I sound like my grandfather! Thanks for the good wishes, too. Hope you are all keeping as well as you can, and staying safe. Very best, Rob

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Quy, thank you so much my friend! So far so good, doing just fine. I hope its the same for you and yours. Probably the oddest time for us all, right now. Keep safe and keep well! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷 😷


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