Hermitage Castle | PT.II – 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography, ruins, skies, structures

Monumental | II.


35chronicle.199 (2)


35chronicle.199 (3)


35chronicle.199 (1)


[All frames: Fujifilm X100 – Internal 720nm Infrared Conversion / f8.0 – ISO:320]

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25 thoughts on “Hermitage Castle | PT.II – 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. Hi, and thank you so much! It certainly is a formidable thing to stand near… If I were thinking of attacking it I’d probably take one look and think…”You know what? Maybe we should just… not! Who’s for a picnic?! 😁”


  2. WP is very inconsistent. I didn’t see the like button on your previous post so went to the Reader and it was there as that little star icon. Now it is here today. I’ve had boxes checked by some blog gremlin and there’s never been an answer forthcoming form the Happiness Engineers.
    I am on record for finding the castles and old buildings you visit to be so interesting and your IR treatment adds much drama and character to them Rob. We are not yet in lockdown although some areas are. In Massachusetts all nonessential businesses are closed and we are to stay indoors as much as possible but are allowed to get exercise which includes walks in the woods while separated by a distance. I am almost always in places where I see no one else so that works. Stay safe and well, you and your family.

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    1. I’m sure there are gremlins, Steve. This isn’t the first time and I’ve checked and rechecked my settings. Nothing has been unchecked that shouldn’t be. Very strange indeed. Ill keep an eye on it, for the good it’ll do.
      Whenever I’m out visiting these old places, I do find that shooting in IR brings out a lot more contrast and drama to them, and seems to render them more imposing than shooting visible light before a paler sky. Of course, under IR light, even stonework looks more defined on older structures due to the lichens and mosses emitting IR radiation on and between the stonework. I even look for it.. makes a big difference sometimes. Of course, now we’re in lockdown, it’s more difficult to visit such places but, I don’t mind a change of subject matter every so often. I’m fact I often think that I would benefit from a change, seeing as how I’ve followed a similar pattern of shooting for a while now.. But, its what I enjoy. I have a new project idea too, so, well see how that goes! We’re all keeping well, thank you, Steve. Hope you’re all doing the same! Have a great weekend and keep posting your water shots.. rooster-tail is verrrry nice!! All the best! R.


    2. It’s always a good practice to try new things even if temporarily. And in working with them we learn new ways of seeing that can translate to our preferred practice. I am pretty locked in to my subject matter but am trying to learn new ways of capturing, processing, and presenting. Even us old dogs can learn new things. 🙂 Continued wishes for good health and safe times for you and your family, Rob.

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    3. Thank you so much, Steve! I have to say, now that I’ve fixed my Windows 10 setup, after trying to find a workaround on the ipad with similar IQ, I’m relieved! Sure, I have a back up if it goes again but all is well, thankfully! We’re all doing as we’re told and thankfully keeping very well. Hope you and yours are as well! Have a great evening, Steve! 🙏📷

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    1. I’ve checked the post and the button is definitely selected; also viewed in a separate browser (not signed in) and it’s still there. Slightly baffled. If a page refresh doesn’t show it, please do let me know if you have time. Thank you so much! Best regards, Rob,

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    1. Hi Brian! The like button is still there, I’m certain (just had another click). So glad you enjoy these captures! We’re all very well thank you and hope very much that you and yours are keeping well too! Great to hear from you! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Hi Mike, thank you so much! Yes, these were shot during the first week in March. We were going to wait until mid to late-spring to visit and I’m glad we didn’t. Ten days after these were shot, the UK was in lock-down. Really glad you like these. It truly is a stunning fortification of yesteryear! Great to hear from you and I truly hope that you and yours are safe and well! Very best regards, Rob.

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