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black & white, close-up, photography, still life

Whatever Gets You Through.



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9 thoughts on “Seven Tonics [One Slightly Used] | 35Chronicle

  1. I like this collection of bottles and the idea of comedies right now is relief in waiting. The light on the bottles really tells of their shapes and I enjoyed looking at the individual reflections.

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    1. I love old bottles.. always like to imagine what they might have contained. One contained a honey and chilli whiskey, I know that, and two were unearthed while digging out a flowerbed in my garden a couple of years ago. So, a collection seemed inevitable, I guess. I’m glad you enjoy the light play, Steve. I’m not fussy about what the source is, any ol’ lamp will do (another blessing while shooting for monochrome) and during times like these, I think we all could do with some kind of remedy for something. Comedy is as good as any, I reckon. In fact one report I read on Medscape suggested that laughter is a great tonic for n.Covid-19! I have to agree! Hope you’re keeping alright, Steve… stick in! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Funny you should say that.. it was the first to come to my mind, too! I dare say however, in utter humility, you probably know your Shakespeare rather more than I! Great to receive your comments. Thank you! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Thank you, Brian! I don’t know quite why this one pleases me so, it was just a bit of fun really, but… it amuses me. Shot under one of the living-room lamps (visible in one of the bottles at least). Really glad you like it! (Happy that the techy glitch is now sorted, too!) Have a lovely evening! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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