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It’s Can’t be Easy, Being Seven!

Two weeks of lockdown before the school Easter holidays commenced and guess who’s had his fill of it all, already? Homeschool is tougher than he’d bargained for, he’s not allowed to visit the new local play-park, the shops have all run out of his favourite sweeties and through it all, I keep sticking my new GR III in his face! It’s tough, being a little ‘un, I can see that. To make matters worse, my Windows 10 laptop has all but died on me after a recent Windows Update (thanks for nothing, Mr. Gates – or whoever is running the show at Microsoft, now) and I have had to find a complete new way of processing, editing and saving my shots. To top it all, I have to use the WP app my iPad – which is not as simple as it should be and I can see a few corrections to formatting in Safari, coming right after I publish this. Anyhooz, all is not lost – it’s all about adapting, I guess.

Speaking of adapting, I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but yes, I did – and I am loving the latest iteration of Ricoh’s GR. All of these frames were captured on it at my favoured 35mm internal crop mode and to round off on a good note – young Flynn was only feigning in shot one. He’s coping just fine and can even tell the time now! Onwards!

Though I am certain that nobody has ever pegged the GR series as a serious portrait tool, I reckon it’ll pass. Keep smiling, keep well and, I hope you’ll appreciate the annoyance I have had to endure this afternoon to bring you these! One has to laugh, eh?!






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11 thoughts on “Lockdown Blues | 35Chronicle

  1. Beautiful portraits and Mr. Gates got me too! Hmm very fishy those windows updates. I may spend more than I’d like on a Mac next time… still debating. 🤔

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    1. Janet, thank you ever so much! I’m a little worried I’ll not get my laptop sorted as, before this week, my entire editing routine has been based upon it. When I’ve had time, I’ve had to learn to use my ipad (the sd card adapter miraculously… works!) and I too am wondering whether a mac is the way to go now. Massive expenditure, as you say… and I’m sure many will agree it’s worth it. Is it possible for an ol’ dog like me to learn new tricks? I may find out soon enough. 🙄 Have a great weekend my dear. Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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  2. I just purchased a new WIndows 10 machine and so far things are good. A few things are different that I don’t care for but on the whole good. A lot may have to do with the people who made the computer for me. I upgraded with no support being held against my head and would have preferred staying right where I was with 7Pro.
    A couple of very nice portraits of your young man, Rob.

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    1. Thank you, Steve! Yeah, he can be cute sometimes! Today, I’ll be spending time trying to get my windows 10 back up and running, and (given my zero-shit-o-metre for shelling out for shoddy crap), if it doesn’t run by the end of the day, I’ll not waste any more time on it and will almost certainly end up paying out for a high-end machine instead. Glad to read that it’s all running smoothly your end. I wonder if I can tweet Bill Gates and ask him to buy me a Mac? 😠😂🐷✈️ Have a great weekend, my friend! Best, Rob 🙏 📷


    1. Rajeev! Long time no see my friend! Does this mean you’re back? Thanks ever so much for your kind words and it’s good to see you. Looking forward to seeing more of your art! Keeping just fine over here, thank you and I hope you and yours are also in fine health! Have a great weekend, R! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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  3. I’ve figured out that Microsoft and the Windows 10 operating system are the source of my daily aggravation on the computer. Windows 10 operates like malware. It uses lots of power in the background which is the reason why my computer freezes and crashes. It does whatever it wants to do, and works very hard to stop me from completing tasks. I absolutely hate this system. Microsoft support is no help at all. Their solutions are never relevant, not at all helpful, and they seem so scripted. Because no matter what the issue, they never seem to have a workable fix. If an update has caused a glitch — as they often do — you might try system restore which will reset your computer to a point before the update. In any case, Microsoft never assumes any responsibility even when thousands of users complain. It’s always your fault, or your computer. I was completely satisfied with Windows 7, but Microsoft forced Windows 10 on everyone who suffers their product.

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    1. Hi David. So, I’m not alone then? After my night shifts at the end of the week I’ll have a go at sorting it out, perhaps with a ball-peen hammer and a wheelie-bin. 🙄 My S.O has been telling me for a long time now that I need a Mac. I’m starting to believe her now. All the so called ‘fixes’ don’t seem to work and I still can’t sign on to the beggar. Last I knew, it was MY laptop and now I don’t even have ‘sufficient privelege’ to make changes. Anyhooz, without ranting, its probably gonna end up in the bin. And good riddence to it, too. At least I’ll finally have a use for the iPad! 😂 Best, Rob

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