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A Change of Rhythm.

In some ways, we can all do with it – albeit enforced of late but, I have other reasons to feel the benefits of little changes here and there. For those of you who follow my pages here, you’ll know very well that I am a devout fan of monochrome output for my own personal photographic endeavours. Colour has mostly (since I first picked up a proper camera over twenty years ago) remained a constant source of confusion, distraction and dare I say – annoyance, too. I’ve discussed these feelings somewhat in previous posts so I won’t be waxing on about it here; suffice to say – I have often struggled with colour photography. Recently however, I managed to get my hands on a new GR III – a camera that for me would supersede all others when it comes to black and white shooting. Then, yesterday evening, Bumble looked out through the living-room window and remarked upon the sunset across the other side of the Nith. A short, gentle walk was suggested, and, (in keeping with current restrictions of course) – we happily stepped out.

I grabbed my GR on our way through the door. What a treat! But though I have, as so many photographers – naturally, had little opportunity to get out and shoot this camera (any camera) I am nevertheless extremely happy to share these few frames.


35chronicle.203 (1)


35chronicle.203 (3)


35chronicle.203 (2)


I do hope that you’ll enjoy these few captures and, that you are all remaining safe and well. Sending my very best wishes to every reader; to you and to yours. 


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26 thoughts on “Taking Time Out | Ricoh GR III | 35Chronicle

  1. Beautiful images. I especially enjoyed the last one. If color is an annoyance for you, you’ve managed to hide that annoyance well with these shots. Well done!


    1. Brian, thank you so much my friend. Apart from a slight shift in WB (and it was only tiny, in favour of magenta) mother nature sorted the colours for me all by herself. Sometimes she makes it too easy. I do hope you’re well, and, loving your latest post! Hope you’re all healed up now!! No cure for clumsy, eh? 🤣 Very best… Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Michael, I don’t know but I can’t stop laughing at your comments! Thank you, my friend. I really am glad you enjoyed these. I was a tad gutted as I missed the better colours of this sunset by about 3 minutes but… I am extremely pleased with these too. Thankfully, the colours here are pretty accurate and needed very little processing at all. Hope you’re keeping well! Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    2. One more thought: unless you are making photographs simply as documents — and I do not believe you are for even a second — you are the master of the reality you create. You are not servant of reality. You are master of it. Or to put it another way, you can do whatever the hell you want. 😉


    3. All wonderful words, Michael, thank you! I agree that colours at the tail end of sunset can be more pleasing, and less predictable, often. I’ve not taken a single typical sunset that I’ve yet been happy with but a good few, after the drop, so to speak. As for reality.. I prefer to turn it into art when I can. As indeed sir, do you! Have a great week, Michael! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Janet, what lovely comments. Thank you so much, my dear! I am of course delighted to have shared a little peace and something a tad beautiful. I hope you’re keeping well also! Have a lovely evening, Janet. Best wishes, Rob 🙏 📷

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