Down by the River | PT.IV | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

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Exercise Can Take Many Forms.

We have been advised by Boris that during this extended period of Covid-19 induced lock-down, we are allowed: to make essential journeys, commute to work (and thankfully, gratefully – home again), make vital trips to shops and – to engage in (for up to an hour per day) outdoor exercise. Today, I had no essential journeys to make, nor did we need to run out for urgent supplies; furthermore, it’s my day orff, and so… on seeing what a beautiful spring day it was, Bumble and I decided that we would take the kids out for a much needed leg-stretch for an hour. A perfect opportunity to exercise my leading-eye and my right index finger too, I thought. 

The streets were largely deserted (to be expected of late) save for small groups of shoppers obediently queuing two metres (or thereabouts) apart outside a local supermarket and we had absolutely no issues with bumping into anyone at all. A short walk through the town brought us to a popular spot next to the River (the Nith) more usually popular at this time of year for seagulls and – local drinkers. Today though – all was quiet, serene, picturesque and fragrant. I recall thinking to myself, “If a spring Saturday in the glorious sunshine could always be as peaceful as this, who could possibly have a problem with social-distancing?” Of course, my tongue was firmly in my cheek but you have to admit, many of you will have thought it too at some time or other lately? Surely? I have never seen this part of town so quiet (at least not before 4 a.m, that is!) As we walked towards a near deserted park on the other side of the bridge, I had an idea; one that I had had many times before, in fact. “There is a building…”

I know – I shoot a lot of buildings (and for those of you new to my pages, they include old ruined abbeys, castles, fortifications, churches, to name but some) and usually, solely in my favoured 720nm infrared output when the weather allows me to. When I’m not shooting large structures, I love to shoot around or next to water and today, I would combine the two, as we strolled. 

Standing half-way along Devorgilla Bridge, you’d be forgiven for believing that my intention here was to capture the New Bridge (otherwise known as the Buccleuch Street Bridge) but in fact it was indeed the large willow which attracted me to making this frame. Seeing it draped over the water, newly budding – between me and the stonework, to my mind makes a very pleasing frame.

Buccleuch Street Bridge & Willow | Ricoh GXR A16 Full-Spectrum Conversion w/Front-Mounted Hoya R72.
[50mm – 1/380th – f6.8 – ISO:200]

35chronicle.204 (1)


Rosefield Mills is a Grade B Listed disused woollen mill, situated right on the bank of the Nith and, it’s in a sad and sorry state. I have been wanting so much to capture this beautiful, old Venetian style building under IR light for many years but have never, ever arrived to shoot it and been blessed with enough natural sunlight to do so, at each attempt. Today’s encounter with it was down to pure chance that I bagged my camera before setting off, oddly – not something that I always do (there’s a lesson here, don’t you think?) I did manage a good series of images here and, this one is a preview, I guess. 

Rosefield Mills (from a Deserted Park) | Ricoh GXR A16 Full-Spectrum Conversion w/Front-Mounted Hoya R72.
[35mm – 1/140th – f8.4 – ISO:200]

35chronicle.204 (2)


Douglas Adams once wrote that nothing turns a seemingly ordinary human being into an incredible musician more quickly that the knowledge of the rapid approach of impending deafness. I feel that there’s an echo here – that to not be able to exercise one’s freedom to roam inasmuch as we have always been able to prior to current times, all of a sudden there’s an urge to find, to see, to create – to enjoy. To the full. 

And so – I hope that you will enjoy these two frames as much as I have enjoyed making them. Stay well and, I hope you’re enjoying a great weekend. 


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14 thoughts on “Down by the River | PT.IV | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. Both are fine shots using a foreground framing. I especially enjoyed the second. Your title fooled me. Thinking of a song title, I thought you had posted a picture of Bumble by the local watercourse. 🙂

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  2. Two fantastic images Rob so glad you had the ideal weather for them (and no people photobombing!).
    Even where I live (back of beyonds) I’ve noticed it’s much quieter, especially when you look up where have all the planes gone? We do however still get our American cousins playing ‘Top Gun’ now and again to remind us that we could still be invaded by foreign forces and need protecting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brian, thank you ever so much. Really glad you like them. Was a perfect day for this kind of caper! I have to say, it’s weird but actually enjoyable to have just a little time and so much space. Everywhere is so quiet, even living on a main road close to town there is little outside noise, traffic and no, no ‘planes! And even the two top guns and the hercules haven’t been doing their low flying exercises for many weeks now. Its most odd! But nice. I could get used to this. Hope you’re having a great Sunday and, healing up nicely!

      Liked by 1 person

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