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50mm, black & white, Indoor, night / low-light, photography

The Escaping Rabbit & the GXR Leica M-Mount Lens Module.

Today, I cannot contain my excitement. Over ten years ago, I tried out the Leica M module on my GXR with, at that time, the best lenses I could afford. Not Leica glass, that’s for sure. I remember having heaps of fun with them too but, in my state of constant G.A.S, I think I must have tired of MF within that very same year and, well, Fuji went and released the first of their X100 series and the rest as they say, is history. Fast forward then to today, and imagine I am opening a small box, over breakfast. Inside the box is an old lens – a beautiful 1950s lens for which I forked out far less than I would on a weekly grocery shop. (Bonkers!) Bloody hell, I have missed this caper far more than I have ever realised. I’m now holding in my hand a dinky little Canon 50mm 1.8 with the LTM (Leica Thread Mount) and – a handy M adapter. Goody! As it turns out, this little prime has quite the reputation, and it’s very easy in use to see just why. (I know – I do love 35 FoV but in honesty,  most small primes make me go a bit fuzzy!)

Speaking of fuzzy then, as I get older (this is probably the same for all of us, perhaps?) I find that relaxation is easier to find, far more enjoyable and – slowing down a tad here and there becomes a natural process that requires little to no thought. No, I haven’t given it up, nor am I ready for a coffin just yet: it’s only that urgency becomes easier to measure and filter and calm takes its place far more readily. Through younger years, to savour is seldom considered. What a waste. And so it is with my approach to photography, that I measure and filter and savour. I have never been a quick shooter (ladies… please!) and instead, I have never enjoyed shooting more than when I have been able to take my time to appreciate the whole process. As I mounted the little Canon lens onto the front of my trusty old GXR, I distinctly felt a little inner sigh go through me  – savouring again. Still… time for a little fun around the house and though these are not the first of the frames I caught with it, I think they echo something of my mood today in some daft, cheeky, light-hearted way. So… just for fun, here goes. Thanks for reading and, enjoy!



35chronicle.209 (1)


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8 thoughts on “Breakfast with an Old Master? | 35Chronicle

  1. Congrats on your new lens, Rob. I have the Nikon version which I miss since I switched to Fuji. I did pick up the 35mm prime for that and love it. Your shots are terrific and show how that open aperture can be so effective. Love the bunny on the lampshade. Great lighting.

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    1. Thank you, Jane! Yes, these little primes just sing, don’t they? Can’t wait to get a little time off and an opportunity to work with it, plenty. Cracking lens! Didn’t Nikon used to make Canon’s lenses in the 30s and 40s? I’m am ex Nikon user before Fuji muscled in! Great to hear from you and, glad you liked the bunny! Kinda cute, eh? Have a fab day and hope you’re keeping well. Best, Rob 🙏 📷

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