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Home-School | Week No.8

I | 09:05 – Enthusiastic.

35chronicle.212 (1)

II | 09:15 – Distracted.

35chronicle.212 (3)

III | 09:20 – (Just About) Re-Focused.

35chronicle.212 (4)

IV | 09:30 – Hmmm…

35chronicle.212 (2)

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13 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times | 35Chronicle

  1. https://woodmereartmuseum.org/experience/learn-create/school-programs
    Here it is, Rob. The booklets are associated with exhibitions which are on show or have been on show at the musuem.
    The site says that these books are meant to be used in their pdf form. I take it, then – may be wrong – that children are drawing on real paper and are using the screen only for the images shown and the guidance given on subject matter.
    Any feedback would be welcomed. The director of the museum is a friend of mine for longer than his own son has been on earth. He, the prince of our hearts, born white in San Antonio, TX, and turned black as I am when he was 2 or 3, will be 25 this year! An American of the finest water!
    Best to you and yours. Sarah

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    1. Sarah, you’re so kind. Thank you so much! I will have a look this afternoon and see how it is set up and once we’ve had a chance to work it out – I will certainly let you know how we get on. The little ‘un is excited already! Have a lovely Sunday, Sarah. Very best, Rob

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  2. Hello, Rob! Do you allow your son to play with the colour books on the net? One of my favorite museums has put them up for children during this Covid 19 time. If your answer is yes, or maybe, I can attach the URL here. If no, no issue!
    The museum is the Woodmere Museum of the art of Philadelphia and her Region.

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    1. Hi Sarah. That is really kind of you. Yes, he has been able on occasion to some online work and I’m sure we would all appreciate a little extra help in keeping the little ‘uns interested for a while longer. By all means, please do send the link and we’ll take a look. Thank you, Sarah! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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