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For Ellen – Happy One-Hundredth Birthday!

This really is a dashed post – in twenty minutes I need to head off to work but, after a couple of hours spent celebrating one of the few(?) socially distanced 100th birthdays (of Bumble’s grandmother) replete with a police piper, and a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ from four members of the local constabulary (two of them, Inspectors, no less – and yes pictures will follow of course) I just have to share a couple of frames grabbed through Ellen’s window as we celebrated in the car-park – a monumental occasion. 

Happy 100th Birthday to Ellen Keeble and, we hope to see you again when the lock-down is done; and thank you also to HRH for coming through in style! 



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19 thoughts on “100 Years On [& a Letter from the Queen] | 35Chronicle

  1. That’s great! She looks quite lively. One hundred years is quite an accomplishment and she appears able to still enjoy every moment. Hope you get to visit her again in the not too distant future. So many working on vaccines that something is bound to happen.

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    1. Steve, thank you so much! Fingers crossed for sure that somewhere, a vaccine is found. I’ve been hearing a lot from off-duty colleagues who have contracted Covid while caring for our patients and recovered afterwards only to report that it’s a slow process with some very unpleasant secondaries. One day, well have it I’m sure. There are a lot of very clever people working on it, after all. As for Ellen, she is remarkably switched on and had a fabulous time! Thank you, my friend!

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    1. Thank you, Carolyn! Yes, it was truly amazing and not just a little bit of a tug on the ol’ heartstrings. Thankfully, despite social distancing, she managed to have all her family with her. I’m sure she’ll be into the sherry by now! 😁

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