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Any Excuse…

My catalogue of shots is ever increasing lately and to be perfectly honest, it’s a little bit of a struggle keeping up with editing. Add to that the amount of time that I simply do not want to spend indoors when the weather is as glorious as it has been over the last couple of days and – you’ll have some idea as to how tricky it is to keep up; especially if you’re a photographer yourself. Sometimes, it feels as though it’s a never-ending wheel. Then the sun sets a little and, the wheel slows down a bit. Take today, for instance. 

For the most part, since finishing my last run of shifts I have been itching to get up to my office and work on the shots I snagged at Ellen’s 100th. Then – I remembered that the little ‘un wanted to go out on his scooter this morning and of course, there’s home-school to fit in too. Furthermore, I wanted to spend a little time in the garden (can you hear me retrospectively searching for any old excuse, already?) and have a tidy up; or perhaps I’d just crack open a bottle of beer and get a little more colour on the ol’ napper instead. Anything, anything to remain outside. I mean, unless one has a sun allergy, who (who doesn’t have to remain indoors) would want to be inside on a day like this? So, as Bumble took her wine and her book into the garden, I ran upstairs to grab a camera. Maybe I’d grab a few frames around the garden, seeing as how it’s looking lock-down lovely lately (as I am sure many more are, during the current situation!)

I | I’m Sure There’s a Fly in This?!

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As time goes by, I am finding that my shooting arsenal is growing – I am pretty sure that whatever I could possibly want to photograph, I have the gear for it. But what did I reach for? My old GXR A16 full-spectrum conversion, that’s what. I mention it often, I know (sorry ’bout that!) but mostly in relation to Luminous Tone Full-Spectrum or infrared frames that I have grabbed with it. Not today though. You see, in it’s native form, with its own IR-blocking filter in place, it’s normal to whack a UV at the front of the glass too. It’s the norm nowadays isn’t it? However – with a unit that has had that blocking filter removed (and nothing has replaced it, of course) if you want to shoot normal / visible light only, one has to use a UVIR Cut filter on the front of the lens and, this is where the fun starts. Because the UVIR Cut filter blocks out UV and IR so well (I use a Tiffen filter, if it matters) for some reason, it seems far better at blocking out those undesired wavelengths than stock internal filters and thus, lends itself to far more sharpness and contrast than the standard lens unit with the same shooting settings. As a predominantly black and white photographer, this is a real bonus. This particular camera has to be the punchiest black and white camera I have ever shot with. Anyway, I brought it outside for a little playtime.

II | I Know it’s in Here Somewhere!

35chronicle.215 (3)


Obviously, when I came down again to join Bumble in the garden, there were other shots to be caught. I didn’t get any frames outside of the courtyard, but I did snag these – and clearly, I just couldn’t resist sharing them. I sincerely hope that you have all been enjoying great weather, perfect health and – plenty of happiness. It’s important to have a little fun! I hope you’ll enjoy these few captures which clearly do conclude happily… 


III | Sorted! [The Face of a Part-Consumed Fresh Glass…]

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