Down by the River | PT.V | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, photography, spring, trees, waterscape

Reflections: Spring in Full Bloom.

I | GXR – 1/400th – f6.3 – ISO:200 – Hoya R72

35chronicle.216 (2)

II | GXR – 1/400th – f6.3 – ISO:200 – Hoya R72

35chronicle.216 (1)

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9 thoughts on “Down by the River | PT.V | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. I’ve only tried IR a couple of times with the R72 and gave up which probably I shouldn’t have. Still have it here somewhere.The main reason for my interest was just such images as you’ve shared here and previously, Rob. Love the contrast between IR blue skies and green leaves. These are great! I am planning on upgrading to a Canon 5D Mark IV soon and might consider converting the old 5D2.

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    1. Steve, thank you so much for such kind praise. As much of my work will back me up on this, higher contrast monochrome seriously does it for me and with IR on a suitable day, that attraction is even greater. I of course strongly recommend your 5D II – I suspect that it would prove to be an infrared monster!! Sadly, I only work with APS-C units but, I’ve never been left disappointed yet, save for errors in my own techniques, that is. Thankfully, we’re known by what we show, not what we throw. So glad you enjoyed these, Steve. Have a great week and when you go for a conversion, I’ll be very happy to see what you come up with! You’ll love it! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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    1. Hi Michael. Depends on your particular camera and lens combo. Some lenses will hot-spot in the middle, making a bright orb in the centre of your frame. Have a look at my links page for kolarivision’s list of good and poor lenses for IR. If your camera’s ir blocking filter isn’t too strong, you may get away with an external filter, yes, so be prepared to pre-focus whilst camera is on a tripod (as such a filter as the R72 is almost completely opaque) and, for some lengthy exposures. Would be great for moving clouds! Glad you enjoyed these… I almost didn’t make them! Have a great evening, my friend!


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