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Jedburgh Abbey.

Caught last year during a very drizzly November day, where light was as best terribly poor – I decided that I would capture the beautiful Jedburgh Abbey using my LTFS / full-spectrum set-up (see my Light Waves page if this is a concept that you’re not too familiar with). In so doing, I was able to catch any potential extra light in the UV and IR ends of the spectrum (admittedly very little but any extra light on days like these is a bonus, I feel) and, just that little extra detail in the darker shadows. Though a completely un-ideal day for dramatic light, instead, I hope that I have managed to capture a few frames that might just about portray just how stunning a  structure Jedburgh Abbey is. I  do hope you’ll enjoy these few frames from the archives.

I | GXR A16 LTFS Conversion: 1/140th | f6 | ISO:200 | Spot Metered.

35chronicle.217 (1)

II | GXR A16 LTFS Conversion: 1/125th | f6.7 | ISO:766 | Spot Metered. 

35chronicle.217 (3)

III | GXR A16 LTFS Conversion: 1/125th | f6.3 | ISO:872 | Spot Metered.

35chronicle.217 (2)


[All images in this series – snagged with a Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS (from ~280nm to ~1300nm) internal conversion, unfiltered.]

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9 thoughts on “The Mono-Archives | PT.III | 35Chronicle

    1. Hey, Brian! Thank you ever so much! Whenever I’m shooting in poor daylight, I would always reach for my FS gear. I just love how it renders. Makes a very nice difference. Glad you enjoyed these few shots. Thank you for your kind comments. Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Rob! I’m following you on Instagram now. Unfortunately, I can’t like your posts because Instagram has blocked all my actions. I have no idea why. 🤔


    2. Instagram doesn’t let me like your photos from my Mac. I’ll try to do that from my iPhone. I think Instagram admins view me as potential spammer. Good night! Sleep well! 😊💤


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