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It’s Been Almost a Week, Now…

Perhaps it’s an age thing, but I do love sitting in the garden and keeping an eye out for the wing-ed wildlife that comes and goes through the shrubs and the trees. Occasionally, when the traffic is quieter out front, I get to hear them too and, as always, there are always a couple of feeders stocked up to make them feel welcome. A few weeks ago though, I got a real treat. Not twelve feet from the back-door, in amongst the Euonymus, was nesting a pair of Wrens.  For over a week I kept an eye out for them and their calls were frequent, regular and loud. After a week of them getting used to my presence, I grabbed one of my cameras and spent an afternoon in quiet anticipation, pitching myself in a more secluded part of the garden. If I could grab a shot or two, now that would be wonderful. 


35chronicle.218 (4)


Not even a half-hour after I settled down to wait for them (or, one of them – I’d be happy with that!) I heard a flicker of small wings and there it was, perched right behind the barred fence behind the wood-store. It was no more than six feet from me and I felt a flicker of panic at the thought of raising my lens to shoot it. Surely I’d just scare it off as soon as I made a move? For sure, I am no nature photographer and have little experience in the ways of the wild, but would you bally well believe it? It stood there and just looked at me. I grabbed a good few shots and changed position and still it didn’t fly. This thing was tamer than the Robins that frequent in winter and early spring. Taking complete advantage of it, after it disappeared, I went in to review what I had; and here are a couple of results.


35chronicle.218 (3)


35chronicle.218 (2)


Sadly though, I heard it said that a neighbour’s cat was seen in the garden late one evening last week and, putting two and two together, I think I know now why our little friend hasn’t been heard lately. To my lasting hope, I am certain that it was merely scared off and, has made a home somewhere else instead. The Euonymus was a little low down, after all. Anyway – I hope you’ll enjoy these few frames. To absent, well, friends, I guess! 


35chronicle.218 (1)

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5 thoughts on “I Think it Might Have Been Next Door’s Cat? | 35Chronicle

    1. Oh now I feel even sorrier for the poor little blighter, Brian! Gutted! Makes sense though, so thank you for your input. I should have known you’d have an incling! Glad you liked the frames, by the way, B. Thanks so much! Have a great week, my friend! Very best, Rob 🙏 📷

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