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To Air & Water.

We curse them for stealing the light, we use them in euphemisms for gloom, we extend them little patience and, we wish them away almost as soon as they appear; yet, on days like this, all I can ever hope for is that they stay a while, let them carry on changing their shapes and their shades. Let the lights and the darks morph continually, gently or violently – side by side and make me a picture; or perhaps two. What on earth (or, just above it) is there not to appreciate? In days gone by I have, as some of you have read and commented upon, referred occasionally to the presence of them in many frames that I might have considered far better without them. We live and we learn. Sometimes too, there is little need for any other elements.

Just the air and the water will do just fine. 


35chronicle.219 (2)


35chronicle.219 (1)


[Both frames: GXR A12 M-Mount w/Leitz 90/4 MF]

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17 thoughts on “The Mono-Archives | PT.IV | 35Chronicle

    1. Thank you, Steve. I’m really starting to get back into cloud formations lately… handy when having to spend so much more time at home but with some very nice views. Good to see that you and your Mk IV are making very good friends!!

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    1. Michael, they were your recent comments to which I was referring in particular. And to be fair, much of your own sky work has been of considerable inspiration for me in changing my attitudes towards them. So, I say thank you! 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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