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To Air & Water | PT.II

Following on from my previous post, over the past couple of days I have found myself more closely observing the recent cloud formations that have (a good few times over the last twenty-four hours or so) preceded some rather heavy rainfall. I remember that when I first became interested in photography, well over twenty years ago, I was obsessed with them – easy ‘targets’ or perhaps it was simply the ethereal aspect that I was most drawn to; I don’t really remember. Maybe it was both. Fast forward to present day and indeed, an obsession that I apparently lost along my way so many years ago – seems to be creeping back somewhat; and so, after a stroll (yesterday), I was very happy to come home and find a few pleasing frames on my SD card. Both of these were caught with my LTFS converted GXR. The first with my faithful R72 mounted on the front of the lens and, the second, with the wonderful Tiffen UVIR Cut, instead.

I hope you’ll enjoy them. 

I | Across the Nith & Devorgilla Bridge | 720nm Infrared | 1/800th | f5.6 | ISO:200 | 24mm

35chronicle.220 (1)

II | Along the Caul (Weir) – River Nith | 1/270th | f8.0 | ISO:100 | 24mm

35chronicle.220 (2)

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