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“Today, the Weather Will Consist Mainly of Horse-Flies, Cloud, Kayaking Intruders & Occasional, Infrequent Outbreaks of Sunshine”. (That’ll Do!)

I’m really struggling to find time enough to sit and write, lately. You may or may not have noticed and perhaps, it’s a nice change for readers to not have to feel guilty for all the ‘scanning’ we have to do when we do our best to keep up with all of the posts we follow and digest, in a meaningful way. A way that does justice to the incredible quality of works that are so regularly posted. Well, today, I have to write. I’m sorry. But I am starting to feel that distancing of connection with what I love to do so much and that which often lends context, most acutely comes down to words. Sometimes a frame by itself cannot be its own justification. This one almost achieves that, for me – but only because I was there shooting it. Still, my sub-header pretty much covers it. What it doesn’t portray, however, are the little yet frequent internal struggles I am having to do something a little different with my cameras. Ideas that have been explored and exploited for as long as any of us can remember are thus, still a little new to me and, as confident as I am at many genres of photography, long exposures still make me scratch my head as to how best to go about it. In this case, as with the previous recent frames that I have posted, I am winging it. Timing as best I can to achieve good exposure and some decent movement within the frame where it can move the eye and the mind. But slow-moving clouds are still just that, even over the course of a minute with the shutter open and so, we come to the water to hopefully save the day. The water came through in fine style. 

For years I have marvelled at the talents of photographers who have taken long-exposure photography to ever new heights and, whilst in no way could I hope to emulate some of the most incredible work that I have had the good fortune to view, I hope at the very least to be able to grasp the concept with the little knowledge that I do have and, put it to the test in making some frames of my own. Here, at the Loch-side, I was granted a gift, when eight year-old Flynn, on his first outing in a Kayak since he was four years old, drifted slowly into my frame. I made no attempt to ward him away (he was having so much fun, bless ‘im!) and, as I view the shot, I am bloody glad that I didn’t and, that he did. If only the shutter had remained open for another few seconds though? Nonetheless, happy accidents win the day and I have a frame to be delighted with. 

Loch Ettrick [I] | 720nm IR w/Hoya R72 & 10-Stop ND | Ricoh GXR A16 LTFS Conversion | 24mm – 60” – f22 – ISO:100.


Although I am all too aware that conditions on this day weren’t perfect for this kind of exploration, I intend to keep going and will take my camera with me whenever and wherever I can in the hope that I will discover for myself, what to look out for and how to play with it. In the meantime, the cleg bites on my shoulders are reducing nicely and I can smile at great memories. I hope you’ll enjoy this one and, that you’ll have a great week ahead. 


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18 thoughts on “Loch Ettrick | 720nm IR [Long Expo’] – PT.I | 35Chronicle

    1. Leah, what can I say? Thank you so much! I wish I had more time to devote lately.. it’s been such a busy and testing past 12 months but I am so glad to keep my efforts relevant. I really am touched. Thank you, Leah! 🙏📷


    2. Hi Robert,
      I hope and pray for your complete recovery. I’ve read how hard it’s been on you and your near and dear ones. I do hope you find time to both rest and share your captures as they’re always worth the wait.
      Take care.
      Your loyal admirer.😊

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Hi Leah, you render me somewhat speechless (which for me, is a relatively new experience!) It’s been a hell of a year both bad and good, with altered philosophies and a lot of ‘getting used to’s as well. And as you rightly allude to, not only for me, either. More than ever since last April, I can appreciate life even more, and the connections I have not only with family and close ones but also with the wider community in which we engage and I still remember your very first comments in my blog when you first came across my new work. Time has been put to the test and did not cut me short, this time. I’m still here to enjoy and engage and I feel so ridiculously lucky, I really do. I’ve been back at work full time since January and, though I’m still having the odd daily struggles, I really am feeling so much better. With a little way to go, I always do my best to remain positive for both my physical and, mentally. Your thoughts and wishes are so well received, Leah, I couldn’t even begin to explain, and Bumble was also extremely touched by your words. So, thank you, SO much! I am trying to make more time to catch up on WP and always enjoy your wonderful posts. Keep doing what you’re doing, as I’ve said before, I may appear a little invisible sometimes but I’m always reading! Sorry it’s taken me a little while to respond. I always seem to be chasing my proverbial, but I’m glad of that… barely a moment to ruminate. Definitely a good thing!

      I hope you have a wonderful week, Leah. Your support and kindness are of more meaning than many could even know. Take care of you too, my dear.

      Your friend.
      R. 🙏📷

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Thank you for such a touching reply. You’re welcome. I am happy to hear that things are slowly coming back to normal for you. It’s strange how a single event can change the course of one’s life. I cannot even fathom how difficult it has been for you and how much you’ve had to get used to. Like all bad times, this too shall pass, so hang in there.

      As always, best wishes to you and Bumble.


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