Big Water of Fleet Viaduct | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

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To the Missing Four Arches

This post is written with huge thanks to my good friend, Amar Verma at vermatec – for, I have not only my original GXR A16 LTFS conversion back in the bag, its sensor beautifully clean of all the dust spots I’ve been hoovering up with it but also, my spare A16 which is now also converted to LTFS and ready for some more of the same alternative wavelength caperings. I plan soon to delve into some shorter frequency IR work again, possibly as high as around 900nm which I will shoot alongside my currently favoured 720nm. Here’s a frame from the newly converted lens unit at 720nm. (Sadly, thanks to an inconsiderately parked Citroen camper-van, the four arches (of the twenty in total) to right of the frame were certainly obscured enough that they couldn’t be included here; never mind – another visit shouldn’t be too far away!) I hope that you’ll enjoy this one, nonetheless. And to Amar – thank you again, my friend. This one is just perfect!


Sixteen Arches | GXR A16 LTFS 720nm IR | 28mm – 1/320th – f7.6 – ISO:200

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17 thoughts on “Big Water of Fleet Viaduct | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. Thanks for sharing such a stunning image; I love the composition and dramatic atmospheric feel of the image; I have shared with all appropriate attribution in place and a link to your original post; scheduled for Wednesday. Best Regards.

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    1. Goff, what can I say? Thank you so, so much and I’m delighted that you enjoyed this shot. I fear, the drama of the shot itself isn’t quite as dramatic as standing by the real thing but it was close. I’m extremely grateful for you shares and your very kind comments! Have a great Sunday. Very best, Rob 🙏📷


  2. I don’t miss the missing arches and like the perspective you captured. Fine detail throughout and one does get the feeling that there is more to the right without a sense of anything being “cut off”.

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    1. Thank you Steve! I still want to go back again with my 15mm and try again! It’s actually a lot more huge than even this shot portrays. Wonderful place to sit near though. And a nice stroll along the top too. Thank you so much! Very best, Rob 🙏📷

      Liked by 1 person

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