In Contrast: Two Lighthouses | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

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Some Overdue IR Fun with the X100.

It’s been a good long while since I took my IR converted X100 out for a spin – preferring usually, the utter versatility of my wonderful GXR A16 full-spectrum conversions instead. However, every now and then, when the conditions are just right, it’s wonderful to travel a little lighter still and restrict myself to just one focal-length; it avoids all the choice and confusion over which FL I’m going to shoot with and allows me to just – make pictures. Compose, frame – capture. If there is one thing I love about the X100 series, it is simply that. It just doesn’t get in the way. At all. So, after a jaunt to the Mull of Galloway and then up through Port Logan, travelling as (camera) light as I believe it is possible to do so, here are a couple of rather pleasing frames that, I do hope that you’ll enjoy too.

Port Logan Lighthouse | X100 [720nm Internal Conversion] | 35mm – 1/220th – f8 – ISO:200

35chronicle.232 (1)

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse [as a Smoking Chimney, Perhaps?] | X100 [720nm Internal Conversion] | 35mm – 1/420th – f8 – ISO:400

35chronicle.232 (2)

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12 thoughts on “In Contrast: Two Lighthouses | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle

  1. I like the landscape and love the larger shot of the lighthouse. Great perspective and excellent white. I especially enjoy the texture gradient as the side light shades around the curved structure.

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    1. Hey, Steve! Always great to read your thoughtful comments. I really am glad that you enjoyed this one. It’s so imposing when close up and a complete joy to shoot when the light is good. When it’s not, it’s a looooong way to go for a naff capture! I got very lucky on this particular day, for sure! Good to read you again and I hope you’re keeping well!! Very best, Rob 🙏📷


  2. Fantastic shots Rob particularly the 2nd one with only one element to concentrate on – the Light House.
    Superb textures in the white areas, not so easy to capture! Great composition too! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards

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    1. Amar, thank you so much! The first shot is actually a bell-tower lighthouse and close-up, though interesting in its form, doesn’t play with the light as much. The Mull however, is a beautifully kept lighthouse and always a joy to shoot! I’m really glad you like them. Shot on rival cameras (🤣) I know. On that topic, I’ve been out experimenting with the new LTFS A16 and over the next week or two, I think you’ll be pleased at results from it! Very best to you and Shirley from Bumble and me! 🙏📷


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