Bridging Gaps [with the GR III] | 35Chronicle

35mm, black & white, Long Exposure, night / low-light, photography, structures, waterscape

If I Take Just One Camera…

I | Devorgilla Bridge [Long Exposure]

35chronicle.236 (1)


II | Suspension Bridge Over the Nith.

35chronicle.236 (2)


III | The Caul & Devorgilla Bridge [Long Exposure]

35chronicle.236 (3)


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13 thoughts on “Bridging Gaps [with the GR III] | 35Chronicle

  1. Love these captures. Your long exposure of the Caul & Devorgilla Bridge is mesmerizing! Sorry I’ve been away so long. Been on the road for 4 months now with very poor phone and internet connectivity, but I’ll be getting back to blogging soon 🙂

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    1. Harold, you’re back! Been a while, my friend! I hope that life has been looking after you. Really glad you enjoyed these and of course, extremely happy to read your comments. Truth be told, I have to scrimp lately for every moment I can get for keeping up with my blog but, will write and read more when I can. Really good to see you back and looking forward to your new materials! Very best, Rob 🙏📷

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    1. Amar, thank you so much, my friend. Travelling light, to the extreme! Just need to remember to keep my little tripod in the bag and I’m good! IQ-wise, I’m not seeing a massive difference between the GR III and the first two iterations but it’s very nice for having a little more control. And a lot of fun! Very best to you and Shirley! Keep well my friend. Rob 🙏📷


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