Messing About with Boats: PT.II | 35Chronicle


Evening Colours: Wellspring, Kirkcudbright.

Almost every year for the last fourteen or so, I visit this old wreck and shoot her. Just along the way, fifty or so yards further towards the Merse Bridge also lays the wreck of the ‘The Loch Ryan Lady’ – another old fishing boat that, too, has been weathering the climate in just the same way on the exposed bank of the River Dee at Kirkcudbright but, the Wellspring seems to have survived rather more attractively. Where The Lady is now a truly rotten skeleton, her rusty and pitted rudder now missing too and her portside hull laying in tatters of chunks of shapeless shards and splinters on the ground, I do take a lot more time with this boat. Her hull, by comparison, is mostly intact and, when the sun is shining on her port side – the colours around her name light up and shine with the pride of having done its share of many a hard day’s toil. 

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, thank you for reading and, I do hope you’ll enjoy these few selected frames. 


I | Wellspring & the Crow | 720nm Infrared | 35mm

35chronicle.241 (1)

II | Evening Colours | 50mm

35chronicle.241 (2)

III | Wellspring: Resting Beneath the Clouds | 35mm

35chronicle.241 (3)

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