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Port, Starboard or – Straight Up? | Kippford [720nm IR]

It was to be a day of semi-relaxation – getting things done at home interspersed with doing not very much at all; a little of everything and not much of anything. After the initial rigours of an early Friday morning and a quick visit to town, on foot, I received a message on my ‘phone – “Looks a bit too nice to stay in all day!” This message was punctuated by an emoji indicative of a Bumble who was rather miffed by our joint lack of outdoor plans (something that regular readers of my pages will know already isn’t a habit I usually indulge in). Still, I had to agree that the day was looking rather splendid indeed and even by 09:30 I was excited to know that the little jobs around the house would have to wait until later that afternoon. As I walked home, I decided that a little jaunt to Kippford, a small sailing village not far from Dalbeattie – would be perfect. Lunch at the Mariner and perhaps, just perhaps – a few shots? 

Whenever we visit, I always seem to find much difficulty shooting here. Though my preferred light-source is IR when the sun is shining, I would always settle very happily for any decent light black and whites with the tide being in for once and, 99% of the time I will arrive here to look at glistening, soggy silt and sandbanks as the water of the Solway has already waved “cheerio!” for another few frustrating hours; a few hours that I don’t have, to wait for it to return, usually. Yes, I should check the tides – I mean, who wants to see boats (or shots of them, anyway) listing hard to port or starboard and resting either hull on what is essentially a mud-flat? On this day, however, I got lucky and, after lunch, I still had plenty of time. An hour or so anyway, before the tide tucked-tail and started to run out again. 

With all this said, please enjoy a few of my infrared frames from another of South West Scotland’s beautiful little ‘postcard’ villages. I hope you have a fabulous week and, thank you for reading! 


I | Kippford – from a Pontoon | X100-IR – 35mm.

35chronicle.244 (1)

II | Little Land, Big Sky | X100-IR – 35mm.

35chronicle.244 (4)

III | Up & Away | X100-IR – 35mm.


IV | Signals? | X100-IR – 35mm.

35chronicle.244 (2)

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12 thoughts on “Never Look a Gift-Horse in the Mouth… | 35Chronicle

  1. I agree with the comments here, big sky is beautiful! They all are actually, but that particular photograph is stunning. You are so fortunate to have all of this beauty around you Rob. Thank you for sharing it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Harold, thank you so much, my friend. Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to reading your message. Time seems to tear me every which way and lately I find it so hard to keep up with everything. I do think that Big Sky is my favourite, also – I love this gig! I hope you are keeping well, H! Very best to you! R.

      Liked by 1 person

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