Hanging the Washing in ‘Sleepy-Hollow’ | 35Chronicle Photography

35mm, autumn / fall, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography, rural, skies, structures, trees, waterscape

Views from Two Bridges | 720nm Infrared.

I | On the Fleet: The Mill, Gatehouse | 720nm IR | 35mm.

35chronicle.245 (1)

II | On the Fleet [II]: Behind the Crafty Crow, Gatehouse | 720nm IR | 35mm.

35chronicle.245 (2)

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9 thoughts on “Hanging the Washing in ‘Sleepy-Hollow’ | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. Hi, Rob! I like both and re-shared them on FB and Twitter, although I don’t like these networks. By the way, I no longer see you on Instagram. I guess you left it. Have a fab day! 😊


  2. Excellent b&w images! I am drawn yo the fist image. I like the bare tree branches on the left, framing the building. Its a stark image, it could be a cover for Gothic mystery novel. Well done!

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    1. Angela, thank you so, so much! As soon as I saw the scene I had the very same feeling… hence the title, I guess. Somewhere, there’s a headless horseman. 🤫 Have a great week, Angela and, thank you again! Glad you enjoyed them! Best, Rob. 🙏📷

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  3. Both amazing and Number II especially grabs me in that visceral way words can’t explain. Haunting and mysterious while the details are clearly lit, that is not easy to do. My medium is pencil and paint and you have made me excited to get to my drawing table with these. Excellent. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christen, what beautiful comments to read. Thank you so much! It is often difficult to pull all elements together just the way we hope to but when something just works, it reminds us so strongly as to why we do what we do. I have always wanted to be able to draw but have always found myself useless in that regard, hence, the camera is my pencil, my charcoal, and my parchment. A poor cousin to more painstaking arts I am sure. I take my hat of to you and can only hope to see what you create. Have a fabulous day, Christen. Thank you ever so much. Best, Rob. 🙏📷


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