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In my last post, I shared the first few frames from a recent shoot at Hoddom Castle, my first successful IR jaunt here, ever. If you read the first in this series you may remember that I asked anyone who has time, to please let me know in the comments section of each post, their favourite one shot, so that I can put together a trilogy of frames which I am going to gift to the estate upon which Hoddom Castle stands. So, here are the second three frames from which I would like to hear your opinions and choice. Of course there will be one more post to come in due course so please do watch this space. I really am grateful for your input and you will save me a small headache for not having to choose, myself. 

Thank you so much for reading and please, any and all comments are welcome, below. 


IV | The Silent Bell.

35chronicle.247 (2)

V | Shadows Before Light [II]

35chronicle.247 (3)

VI | Parapets.

35chronicle.247 (1)

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17 thoughts on “HODDOM CASTLE – 720NM IR [PT.II/III] | 35CHRONICLE

    1. My pleasure, Rob! As you might have noted, I’m still on FB but inactive at all. I hate Mark Zuckerberg and his network. It looks like a trash bin now. Have a wonderful Sunday! 😊


  1. Consistency…Shadows Before Light II. All three work well, but being a bit picky the tilt on the left of numbers one and two distract me. And staying with the consistency, I’d crop a touch from the left in this also to rid the frame of the partial tree.

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    1. Thank you, Steve! Yup, the slight tilts in IV & VI were basically down to wide angle but I do like them. And yes, I’m actually quite surprised I left that half tree in! Thanks for your input as always, my friend and have a great week ahead! Best, R. 🙏📷

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Steven. I’m going to simply go with everyone’s votes but yes, I can see where you’re coming from. One more selection to come and that’ll be the three decided. I’ll try to make it easier! Hope you have a great week ahead and thanks again. Appreciate it! Best, Rob 🙏📷

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