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Decisions, Decisions.

Every one of us has a similar story to tell of this trying year that has been – 2020. It was touted as the coming year of clear vision and foresight, change for the better, its number instilling feelings of hope and reason in each of us. It stood for something. Then – it arrived. Instead, it has been the year that has made us all think harder about what it means to be human, about how we act, how we look after ourselves and our fellow man; our families, friends, loved ones and most of all, those whom we will never know and yet we hope that they have also regarded our well-being in just the same way. Not everyone has given it so much thought or consideration though; those who have had us shaking our heads in despair at showings of ignorance or selfishness. That hyper-awareness that has been growing all year, is at its peak now – for those who have been paying attention, that is. So many have suffered and lost, many more have suffered and, will be doing so still. And these thoughts keep me grounded when it comes to looking back over my own personal year – small fish by comparison yet, relevant to what I love.

Over the last ten years, my love for infrared landscape photography has continued to evolve and I have a new love over these latter few years too – old ruins and Marsden-esque scenes that invoke the past, questions, stories forgotten or simply – awe. This year has been a little more tricky though, to capture them. Many places I have wished to visit have been closed or actually close-off, local restrictions have curtailed non-essential travel and I have been made to think a little differently as to what or how I would like to shoot. Another little learning curve has been experienced this year and this can only be a good thing. Creatively, I have still found myself struggling a little – mostly with my own photographic repertoire and not wanting to get ‘stuck’ in a niche – but I think it may be too late for such feelings. The rod is against my back already, however – I feel a coming change in my approach, necessitated by the course of recent history and by the passage of time. Change is inevitable and I can feel it bubbling under the surface. What it will be is yet only a series of random flickers of frames like subliminal advertising pasted inside life’s film reel. They exist – not yet realised. But time is changing us. And it’s changing me. Insosaying, this year’s review isn’t just about looking back at some old photographs – it’s about wondering where I’ll go and what I’ll do next. I still don’t know – but I’m looking forward to finding out. 

It’s been a little tricky for me to select my favourite frames from 2020 – it would’ve been easier if I had chosen by the number of clicks or comments by post. By some choices, I may coincide by accident – but these are my selections based on time, place, feeling and creative satisfaction.  The best I have been able to achieve really is here. All I can hope is that you’ll enjoy this little recap. 


January 2020: The Wedding Trio | Scotland’s Folly – Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

35chronicle.187 (1)

February 2020: Lowther Castle, Cumbria. 720nm IR | 35mm.


March 2020: Hermitage Castle. 720nm IR | 35mm.

35chronicle.198 (1)

April 2020: Seven Tonics [Whatever Gets You Through].


May 2020: Home School…

35chronicle.212 (2)

June 2020: Air & Water.

35chronicle.219 (2)

July 2020: Southerness Lighthouse | 720nm IR w/ Hoya R72 & 10-Stop ND.


August 2020: Dundrennan Abbey | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.234 (1)

September 2020: Suspension Bridge Over the Nith.
October 2020: Scott’s View – Melrose & The Magic of a Fair Maiden’s Hand.

35chronicle.240 (3)

November 2020: Ol’ Fashioned | 3″ Macro.

35chronicle.244 (4)

December 2020: The Silent Bell – Hoddom Castle | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.247 (2)


Thank you all so much for your company and your contributions this year, and to both newer followers and more long-standing readers – I am always eternally grateful for your contributions both to my pages and, for what you yourselves create. Thank you! I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and healthy ’21! Please – join me again when you can. 

Warmest wishes to you all… 


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20 thoughts on “2020: A Photographic Review | 35Chronicle

  1. What a beautiful year in photographs. I love them all (but the bridge and lighthouse are spectacular). Happy new year Rob! May 2021 bring you the best of everything. Best wishes– Janet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janet, thank you so, so much. Delighted to hear from you and to read your kind words and yes, I hope the best for ‘21 for you also, my dear. Speaking of the lighthouse, I’ve had a large print of it for a little while now and today, it’s framed and hanging. Warmest wishes, Janet. R. 🙏📷

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Time, change, knowing the right direction is like looking through a glass darkly, like your Seven Tonics. The creative’s path is never clear, but I am excited to see where you travel in your artists journey. Thank you for letting us join you. A beautiful 2021 to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes… the blind journey with only uncertain stop-offs alongs its way. I guess that’s always been the appeal?! Thank you so much, Christen. Always good to hear from you and very grateful for having you along! Wishing you too, a wonderful ‘21! Very best, Rob 🙏📷


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