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Durisdeer Church.

With non-essential travel still restricted here in Scotland, I have read nowhere that once a journey becomes essential – that there are restrictions upon the route one should take to make it. Obviously I would not decide to travel an overly excessive distance to make any trip but, I did make a choice to take us off the beaten track when it came to a well-timed dental appointment last week. Every cloud… as they say. Heading ‘roughly’ in the direction intended, instead of taking a main trunk road there, I though that it would be nice to drive the longer, more rural and leisurely route through vast hills, taking in views from above and below the low clouds that floated between them. The ever present mist and fog had ensured that the air remained damp and cold, and even so, it was nice to be outside the house for what was the first time in many weeks. Home is and should always be the heart of life and yet, the space outside can be a new-born revelation when cabin-fever has taken such a firm hold. We were glad, probably for the first time – that the reason we were taking in a little scenery was due to a visit to the dentist. Who’d have thunk it?!

On the way, we made just one stop – in the tiny hamlet of Durisdeer to take a look at the local church; a quick leg-stretch if you like and one that enabled me to grab these few shots with my 5D III. (It’s a recent addition to my bag and I’ve had nowhere near enough time with it – after all, there are only so many shots of busy coffee tables, indoor plants, studious children or – the pooch, that anybody could take and, I would not wish to over-indulge you with family portraits!) These are the first frames I have snagged here and I really do want to go back with my infrared gear too – reminds me a little of the ruined church at Hoddom Cross that I shot a couple of years back. Definitely a trip for the (hopefully) near future once all of this madness is under control. 

I hope you’ll enjoy these few captures and, are staying safe and well.



35chronicle.254 (1)


35chronicle.254 (2)


35chronicle.254 (3)

[All Frames: Canon 5D III | EF 24-105mm / f4]

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4 thoughts on “Cabin-Fever, Diversionary Tactics & Silver Linings | 35Chronicle

    1. I love ’em, Harold (as many of my past posts will attest to, I am certain). Our last and lasting – indelible mark on this earth – there’s something in that, for certain. So glad you enjoyed these, my friend!

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