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35mm, 50mm, black & white, fine art, nature, photography, rural, skies, structures, waterscape

Romancing the Stone.

These frames are from our first visit to the small hamlet of Sandyhills, around a week ago. It was a little impromptu but the weather was fair and, as Stickola Nurgeon had promised the people of Scotland that despite the still current Tier 4 restrictions, we could indeed, still venture out for legitimate exercise without the fear of being questioned or arrested [hurrah and huzzah!] – so, Bumble and I hopped in the car and headed off for a stroll on the beach. I have been itching, you see, to get my 5D3 out into the open and put it through its paces a little (and a little is all it can get right now, obviously) so this was a perfect opportunity not only to get a little time in free air but also to, hopefully, snag a few frames. We’d been reading about this local-ish spot, famed for its caves and one particular arched rock, known as the Needles Eye (accessible only at low-tide) – the words ‘kid’ and ‘sweetshop’ leap to mind. But there’s a reason this is PT.I – you see, this place is so picturesque that we decided to visit again, later in the week and, we took the nippers on our sequel visit, under glorious low winter sun and blue skies; of course, this meant that I would give this place the IR treatment I so knew that it deserves (however, more on that in the next post). There’s a romance here that’s impossible to ignore. For now though, I do hope you will enjoy these captures from a beautiful part of Dumfries & Galloway’s coastline. Keep well, stay safe and thank you!



35chronicle.255 (1)


35chronicle.255 (2)


35chronicle.255 (4)


35chronicle.255 (3)


35chronicle.255 (5)

[All Frames: Canon 5D III | EF 24-105mm / f4]

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13 thoughts on “Getting Out [Ahem!] – Less | PT.I | 35Chronicle

  1. Beautiful black and white. I always find it curious when I read about other countries lockdowns. We never had a real one in California. Not sure about the rest of the country but first week of our first lockdown people who were supposed to be working from home caused a huge backlog on the main highway heading to the beach. Maybe the lack of discipline explains why Americans are dying in such great numbers.

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    1. Alessandra, thank you so much for your kind words and I am extremely glad that you enjoyed these. I cannot understand however, how anyone who is supposed to be working from home can get very much done by being at the beach! However, a general lack of discipline exists here in the UK also and, I cannot help feeling that to not abide as closely as possible to guidelines regarding the spread of Covid is both selfish to those who do, and, ridiculously short-sighted. This thing will never rescind unless we ALL do as we are asked – no matter how much of a fumble we think our govs are making of the whole thing. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s very real and, if we stop moving for long enough, C-19 would have nowhere to go; it doesn’t move by itself. Until the ignorant realise this, people will continue to die in greater numbers than we have ever been witness to in the modern era. Period. UK news frequently reports of large gatherings and parties being broken up, fines imposed – but some people, you just can’t reach. I wonder what it will actually take for the message to get through – let’s hope we don’t find out. On a brighter note, thank you again for your comments and I hope you are safe and well in (sunny) California. Best, Rob.


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