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Cumbersome Ol’ Things!

So, here we are, at the last of my posts from the beautiful Sandyhills – one of the most gorgeous areas of coastline here in Dumfries & Galloway. From a freezing cold day on an empty beach, a glorious winter sun low in an ice-blue sky. You’d think by now that I’d be tempted to shoot in and, process for colour a lot more but no, I still can’t seem to ‘see’ in colour. These four captures were all made with my LTFS converted GXRs – I took them both, set-up for 720nm – in case one of them decided to freeze up on me (it’s happened before). I am happy to say that, though aging now (in camera technology terms) they still performed perfectly. Lest not that the medium become the message, I still have to remind myself that for some reason, I have never been able to ‘see’ quite so well with any other camera that I have ever shot with, than these cumbersome ol’ things. Perhaps I am a cumbersome ol’ thing, too, which may well be why we get along so perfectly. Slow, methodical, meticulous and as always – enjoying the moment. And here, with family, on a day like this, what else could possibly be quite so worth getting out of bed for? 

From the icicled ceiling of the Needle’s Eye and the frozen beaches of Southern Scotland, may I say, as always, thank you so much for reading, I do hope that you’ll enjoy these few grabs and – I wish you all a fabulous, safe and healthy weekend ahead. 



35chronicle.257 (2)


35chronicle.257 (4)


35chronicle.257 (1)


35chronicle.257 (3)

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13 thoughts on “GETTING OUT [AHEM!] – LESS | PT.III | 35CHRONICLE

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts. Whilst making pictures is the predominant reason I have for posting at all, there always seems to lurk a little need in me to share the thoughts I have that surround them… the little things that go through my head that make sense of it all. I know I’m not doing anything unique here, but.. well.. it feels good to share these things. In a world dominated by a bad situation, I am inspired too by just how much creativity and positivity there is out here. Warmest greeting to snowy Santa Fe, from a sunny morning in South West Scotland! Very best, Rob. 🙏📷


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