Drumlanrig Castle – Revisited | PT.II | 35Chronicle

50mm, black & white, photography, rural, structures

Splendour in Stone.

After my last post of the stonkingly gorgeous Drumlanrig Castle, here are my final three frames which were made with my Sigma DP3 Merrill. Its 50mm [75mm equivalent] is probably my favourite of the three I have in my bag and, requires more thought to use for architecture and landscape compositions than the wider 30mm[45mm] and 19mm [28mm] lens versions. The micro-contrast of this lens and sensor pairing absolutely bite my face off on review for editing and the details punch back hard for good measure, too. This thing needs a little taming, I think. Now, the cage and chair are ready – if I could only find my whip?!

For all of your clicks and comments on my previous post, thank you so much! I hope you’ll enjoy these few longer FL frames. 


I | 1/160th – f5.6 – ISO:200

35chronicle.263 (1)

II | 1/100th – f5.6 – ISO:100

35chronicle.263 (2)

III | 1/80th – f5.6 – ISO:100

35chronicle.263 (3)

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8 thoughts on “Drumlanrig Castle – Revisited | PT.II | 35Chronicle

    1. Thank you, Jane! 🤪 I never tire of shooting here, either visible or IR… it’s so stunning and there is so much beautiful detail in its architecture. The Duke of Buccleuch (pron: B’clū) spends comparatively little time here so he’s not always home. But the estate is managed and in the spring, the house and gardens open to the public and all manner of events are held within the grounds, such as the Tough-Mudder, competitive mountain biking, birds of prey exhibitions to name a few. Neil Armstrong stayed here in the early 70s and planted a tree in one the gardens too, while here. Crazy amount of history in this place.

      So lovely to read your comments, coming from you, Jane – high praise indeed. Thank you!
      Best, Rob 🙏📷

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