When Elements Align | PT.II | 35Chronicle Photography

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River Nith – Recomposed | 720nm Infrared.

A parting gift from the Nith, glorified under beautiful IR light; the first three frames from which were shared in my previous post. Playing the angles a little has helped me to see that frame ‘VI’ is for me anyway, rather better composed than frame ‘II’ in PT.I – the lesson has to be: always take a series and never trust the first take! Nonetheless, I do hope that you will also enjoy these captures and, to those who’ve clicked, commented and reposted my last entry – I am more grateful than you can know. As I have always believed, writing or sharing anything here is absolutely worthless without each of you who read and get involved. So, thank you!

From a sunny South West Scotland – wishing you all a very happy Tuesday!


IV: Devorgilla Bridge Across the Nith | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.268 (1)

V: Buccleuch Street Bridge from Devorgilla Bridge | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.268 (3)

VI: Hunters Gathering [II] | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.268 (2)

[All frames: Ricoh GXR LTFS Full-Spectrum Conversion & Hoya R72 720nm IR Filter]

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9 thoughts on “When Elements Align | PT.II | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Hi Rob! Always good to hear from you. I hope to finish a new post for the blog soon. I’ve had too many distractions as of late. Hard for me to concentrate. I’ve been gearing up to get a home built but there has been one delay after another – lol. I hope to break ground soon 🙂

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