Corbelly Hill Convent, Dumfries: PT.II | 720nm IR | 35Chronicle Photography

black & white, fine art, infrared, photography, ruins, structures, urban, waterscape

In the Light & the Dark.


35chronicle.270 (1)


35chronicle.270 (2)


35chronicle.270 (3)

[All frames: Ricoh GXR LTFS Full-Spectrum Conversion & Hoya R72 720nm IR Filter]

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9 thoughts on “Corbelly Hill Convent, Dumfries: PT.II | 720nm IR | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. That’s the first crucifixion statue I’ve seen with others in addition to Jesus, “Life of Brian” notwithstanding. I guess it makes sense being a convent. I am considering converting my old Canon 5D Mark II but there are so many choices to make regarding how to have the conversion done that I am putting it off for the time being. How did you decide on full spectrum?

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    1. Thanks Steve! I decided on LTFS (true full spectrum rather than split-spectrum) because it means that there’s complete control over which band or bands of the EMS one can shoot just by using lens mounted filters. If use an IR internal conversion, I’m stuck with the rating of the filter at the low end and can only block light upwards of the internal filter’s rating. LTFS gives the option to shoot uv, vis, ir or any combination of… (ug-11 filters will block vis and allow uv and ir light in only – I have made a few posts on this early on) but also, shooting an LTFS conversion in mono allows for twice as much light to be caught, if all strands of the EMS are available. It’s tremendously versatile. And for portraits, there’s nothing better for complementing less than perfect skin, in my opinion! Do it… you’ll love it, I promise you!! 🙏📷

      … Forgot to mention, major plus: you’ll get noticeably more detail in the shadows when shooting from around 280nm upwards. PP techniques and preferences, notwithstanding. 😉


  2. Magnificent, Rob.

    I reposted it. But I wanted to ask you if you object to the fact that I removed wording when I reposted it. This is because I want people to focus on the image and to click onto your post where, of course, the wording remains in full.

    Let me know if I have sinned and I won’t do it again.

    Thanks. Sarah

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