Eleven Arches: PT.II | 850nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

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Kinclair Viaduct, Pinmore – Revisited.

Just about three years ago (give or take a month) I first shot the amazing, grand, utterly imposing viaduct just south of Pinmore on the Newton Stewart to Girvan road. I had to check my files from back then, some of which I posted in No.30, to recall which cameras I took with me on that shoot. Made on my old GR and X100T cameras, I came away with some very pleasing black and white images caught on a less than perfect day for contrast and I also recall that even the sky was so flat and diffused that the resulting frames rendered it featureless. But, I had travelled a very long way in order to shoot this iconic structure and vowed always, to go back. Maybe, I’d give it my IR treatment next time? Alright, so that was a rhetorical question!

I | Kinclair Viaduct | 850nm IR | 24mm | 1/125th – f8 – ISO:400

35chronicle.274 (1)


Of course I always intended to do that, so when the sun came out yesterday, Bumble and I headed off, westwards towards the A714, and north-west of Newton. In fairness, we’d been planning it for a couple of days (it’s not prudent to put any faith in the weather forecast anywhere in Scotland, more than forty-eight hours in advance; any of you who live here or have visited for more than a day, will understand exactly what I’m talking about!) When it came to the shots I’d make – I had thought to shift up from 720nm and decided that 850nm would give me a little more contrast under good light. I’d need that extra light to keep my film speed down and my shutter speeds up negating my need for the three-legged thing. As you can see from the frames here, I got very lucky with the light. One pair of frames in particular (No.I in this post and No.VI to come in the following share) did have us scrabbling upwards through tricky dense foliage in order to get the height and length I needed to grab the shot I had always imagined I would take on my first visit – a few minor abdominal wounds today remind me that the climb was well worth it and without that little extra effort, I would have come away knowing that the shot was there for the taking and I did nothing to get it – but it’s here, and the wounds will heal. Please do click the link to my original post and compare, because I truly believe that from the ground, these are the best IR shots I could possibly have made on any day such as this.

II | Two of Eleven | 850nm | 24mm | 1/125th – f8 – ISO:911 (!)

35chronicle.274 (2)


To my long-suffering and ever encouraging, Bumble – I thank you for getting into my scrapes for the sake of art! What else can I say? To all of you who visit and revisit my pages, click, comment and get involved – thank you all so much. The best that I can hope is that you will enjoy some of these captures – enough to come back. I utterly love what I do and take none of it for granted; and so – I keep doing it with the same passion and love that I felt when I first discovered what was even possible. To my good friend, Amar – your creations still help me make some of my most pleasing and dramatic work and in this regard, words fail me. Thank you, my friend! 

III | Woodburn Cottage | 850nm IR | 35mm | 1/80th – f6.3 – ISO:200

35chronicle.274 (3)


Until PT.II – I do hope you’ll enjoy these few frames and, I wish you all a very happy and healthy weekend ahead.


[All frames: Ricoh GXR LTFS Full-Spectrum Conversion & Front Mounted 850nm IR Filter]

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12 thoughts on “Eleven Arches: PT.II | 850nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Janet, my daaaarling! There are some upon whom I can absolutely trust to see something that I completely…. didn’t! I absolutely LOVE the image that you yourself created with your interpretation – and now, I can see it no other way. My smile is broad and my gratitude wider. Thank you, my dear! I shall now get around to posting up PT.II – whether quite as impactful, who knows? I am aware that frame one is a tough act to follow… ho-hummmm! Have a great day, Janet! Very best, Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Haha on the “tough act to follow.” Your photographs are all amazing so no worries for you there!! 😄 Glad I gave you a new perspective on your winning main photo. Maybe it’s easier to see things like that when you weren’t there yourself because you have no fixed image in your mind. Anyway… have a beautiful day and I look forward to part two. 👀😎

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Alessandra, thank you ever so much for your beautiful comments. Please forgive my tardy response! I am so glad that you enjoyed these few grabs. Have a wonderful weekend! Very best, Rob.


    1. Brian, so good to hear from you and I apologise for my late reply. I have part two in the offing today but wanted to get back to you first. If I am allowed to feel happy about my own work (I don’t know why I should feel guilty about that?) I would say that this is one of my favourite architectural shoots over the last year or so – it’s right up there anyway and I wonder if shooting standard, VIS light would have pleased me quite so much or, had the same kind of impact. I do need to get a large print of frame one though – very happy with that one! Thank you again, my friend and I wish you very well – will be catching up on your wing-ed wonders, later today! Very best, Rob.

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  1. The bridge is great, and all the pictures of it are beautiful, including those from the older article.
    But the first picture on this article is amazing, the angle, position and light couldn’t have been better.
    A masterpiece !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marc, sorry I am so late in responding to you wonderful message – sometimes life, work, family curtails play for a little while; thank you so much for your very, very kind words, my friend. These are definitely the shots I envisaged but never had the chance to grab, first time around. I really am so grateful for your thoughts! Have a great weekend ahead, Marc! Very best, Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

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