Eleven Arches: PT.III | 850nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

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When the Chill Thwarts Spring.

After the thoughtful, wonderful responses I received to PT.II last week, I have to say that I am a little bit unsure as to how I can even think of topping it. Holding back on frame one was never an option (I get far too excited at grabbing shots like that and have the shameless, breaking-strain of a Kit-Kat when it comes to showing just what can be achieved with alternative wavelength photography on a good day) and so, with a slight concern for posting a bit of a ‘come-down’, I nonetheless have pleasure in sharing my last chosen three from an absolutely fabulous hour shooting this awesome structure that is the Kinclair Viaduct. I am grateful that the spring here has started so cold as it has this year; the growth of the foliage has been slowed down somewhat and, were that not so, I’d have struggled to make the stonework as prominent as I was indeed able to do for fighting my way through the dense leaves and branches (thinking here mostly about this top image). As a compromise, from higher up – I’ve seen beautiful and eerie hanging gardens – even if in retrospect; (thank you, Janet!)

IV | Dodging Traffic | 850nm IR | 24mm – 1/125th – f8 – ISO:703.

35chronicle.275 (1)


Anyhooz – this is my last post from Pinmore and will be, I’m sure, my last for a good long while. As spring warms up a little now – I have plenty of other places to discover and the viaduct will be relegated like the rest of my work to date, to my archives; nonetheless, I have much to think about with regards to composition and light if I am to feel as good about what I am still to achieve if these few frames remain the benchmark I have currently set for myself. Holy moly, this is so much fun! 

And summer is on the way…



V | Convergences | 850nm IR | 24mm – 1/125th – f8 – ISO:734.

35chronicle.275 (2)

VI | Into a Floating Paradise | 850nm IR | 24mm – 1/125th – f8 – ISO: 476.

35chronicle.275 (3)


[All frames: Ricoh GXR LTFS Full-Spectrum Conversion & Front Mounted 850nm IR Filter]

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12 thoughts on “Eleven Arches: PT.III | 850nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Hi Dave! Great to see you here and to hear your thoughts. As a long-time IR photographer I can only say that I know that you will love the journey and the opportunities that alternative wavelength photography will present you with. I have a huge back catalogue of IR posts so do feel free to browse my archives page. I hope you find more interesting posts too and dare I say, maybe even a little inspiration, also. I shall be looking at your work with interest! Thank you so much for your kind comments. Very best, Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Awww… I hope you meant me! 😀😀 beautiful as always. I love how you said eerie. Your photographs are a delicate mixture of paradise and eerie. How bizarre lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Janet! Of course I did, my dear! Who else could I have been referring to? Hmm?! Paradise and errie, eh? Oh I like that very much! Thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy the next small instalment! Very best, Rob

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve, coming from you, these words are kind and high-praise indeed. Thank you my friend! I’ve been working on a couple of recent shoots, so I do apologise for my delayed response, but I am so glad you appreciated these frames. And I agree, that last one gives me goose-bumps I enjoy it so much! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Very best, Rob.


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