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Paper, String & Tin-Foil…

A little break from castles and ruins, today. I mean, I would hate to be completely predictable!?

We had been talking about perhaps finding a moggie for a year or so, on and off, as it happens. For my part, I wasn’t as forthcoming in the locating of said moggie as was a certain Bumble and this was in very large part to the fact that, as a big guy – I am also very soft on cats. I’ve had many over the years, loved each and every one of them and I can’t remember more than one or two that I lost to natural causes and those heart-breaking memories have kept me from rushing in again; that really was the long and short of it. But in April, along came an eight week old Boomer, and a few weeks later, in May – a pair of absolutely beautiful sisters to keep him company, too. In all honesty, I am a firm believer of the fact that a cat (or three) absolutely makes a home, and it is wonderful to have them here in ours – and to enjoy the utter happiness (along with the obvious and frequent little trials, too) that they bring, every day. And most nights. Nonetheless – though they have only been in their new home for a short time, they have all settled in perfectly, and Summer, the cloud-fluffy, gorgeous one who would surely be the personification of, say, Audrey Hepburn – is laying on my legs even as I write. Boomer (the Ginger Ninja) and Penny-Pitstop (Beryl the Peril) are curled up together on their window cushion behind me – no doubt whispering outlines for new, devilish plots to each other. Or perhaps I have too much time to think, today. 

I | A Baby Ginger Ninja | Sigma DP3M LTFS

35chronicle.278 (1)

II | Penny-Pitstop Upon Realising She’s Been Well & Truly Caught… | GXR A16 LTFS

35chronicle.278 (3)

III | Boomer & Summer [Too Many Captions!] | GXR A16 LTFS

35chronicle.278 (2)


I’ll get back to my usual posts soon enough but, in the meantime – I wish you all a very playful, cute and fluffy Sunday! 

Memento Vivere…

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One thought on “A Playful Intermission | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. After 20 plus years of having cats I filled a gap by helping folks adopt them at the local humane society. It was a good way to get a fur fix, but the pandemic has ended that for now. Hopefully, I can get back to it.

    I hadn’t heard of the “moggie” term before, a Brit thing I guess.

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