London Skylines: PT.I | 35Chronicle Photography

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During a recent three-day excursion to London, a trip made a tad tricky by poor weather, even flooding and by the fact that I was back on crutches again after I managed to break a bone in my foot while tripping over the dog some weeks back, I was still able to capture some shots of the city that I am very happy with. Stopping every so often to release my hands in order to grab a camera and scout my frames before capture was, I think, a little frustrating for my family who had to keep waiting for me to do my thing, but, they came through in fine style in accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to be missing opportunities to record this incredible place. Though I am far more of a country boy both in my heart and in my upbringing, I can still appreciate the bustle, the enormity and the complete mixtures of styles and ages of, well, everything you could possibly find, here. 

Though I will be posting some of my favourites over the coming weeks, there will be no particular order of preference or theme. London is a place where things change completely from one street to the next. Any themes would, I think, work against its eclecticism and so, I hope you’ll enjoy whatever is to come. Even I don’t know yet.

Thank you so much for reading and, to new followers, welcome! Have a great weekend! 

I | Skyline, from an Uber on the Thames | LTFS.

35chronicle.286 (1)

II | Skyline & the O2 Arena, from 90m Cable Car, North Greenwich to Royal Victoria | LTFS

35chronicle.286 (2)

– Memento Vivere! – 
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