London Skylines: PT.III | 35Chronicle Photography

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Silver Linings?

It’s been a little while longer than I prefer, since I last posted and, if you’re visiting again – I thank you! In short, after keeping ourselves busy during the holidays, we have returned to find ourselves rather the worse for wear despite double-vaccinations, social distancing, constant mask-wearing and the collective use of more than likely a half gallon of hand-gel. It seems that the easing of restrictions and the predictable mass complacency that was bound to ensue, has had rather a negative impact on the dreaded lurgy and, after almost two years of this thing – working in close quarters within the health sector, I had to wait to until I had a holiday to succumb to it. To say I’m a bit miffed is an understatement. As I am currently on isolation day four of ten, I find only today that I have any strength to even post, so I hope I can make it worth your time. Whilst I have been able to get busy editing frames from other summer excursions, stringing words together with any coherence has been a distant priority until now. Is it possible to be cheerful and pissed off at the same time? There’s a contrast I don’t consider often.

Speaking of contrast, as a black and white shooter – I look for it everywhere. It’s one of the most important anchors of black and white photography, along with good composition and exposure, texture, light-play and if you’re really good (or just fortunate) some kind of message. In the latter, I lack often – my Achilles Heel, I guess. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy these few frames from London, where, I have to say – the clouds really played ball! Perhaps slightly over-exposed in #3 but I like it enough to share it with you, too.

I hope that you are all remaining safe and well, and if you’re not, you have my profound acknowledgement and sympathy. Covid sucks. Isolation sucks. Photography Rules!

Every cloud?!

V | The Dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral (& a Smoke-Break on the Steps) – from an Uber on the Thames | 720nm IR

35chronicle.289 (2)

VI | Blackfriars Bridge & the Boomerang (One Blackfriars), Southwark – from the Millennium Bridge | LTFS

35chronicle.289 (1)

VII | The Shard & the Belfast – & Some Naughty Clouds! | LTFS

35chronicle.289 (3)

– Memento Vivere! – 
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13 thoughts on “London Skylines: PT.III | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. Sorry to hear that you got a bit of this nasty virus but good to hear that you are making a good recovery. Although the vaccine did not keep you from getting it it could have been much worse without so glad that you did all you should have. And also glad to see these shots of London. As always well done, Rob. Take care and speedy recovery.

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    1. Hi Steve, thank you so much for your very kind words. It’s a tricky one isn’t it? No matter how hard we fight against a new natural (we think) problem – life itself in whatever form, always will find a way to survive if its clever enough. But I am very happy to report this week that we are all feeling much, much better and normal service is now being resumed once more. We are, as you rightly point out and, unlike many – so very fortunate! I really am happy that you enjoyed these recent London shots. I can’t wait to go back again without the darn crutches and free-lens to my heart’s content. Zone-focus, screen off 9no chimping!) – just like the old days! I can’t wait! I hope you are keeping well my friend and I am so(!) enjoying your latest work. You just keep getting better!! Starting to make me feel inadequate now, matey!! (I’d stick a laughing emoji in here but I’m on my laptop and I seem to be lacking them!) Very best, R.

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    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. It is always wonderful to hear from an appreciative mind! Your work is also catching my eye! I am making what feels like a very good recovery from the dreaded lurgy and, now out of isolation and free to roam once again. Sadly, this means – back to work tomorrow! I hope you are also well and I look forward to catching up on some more of your work! Very best, Rob


    1. Harold, always so good to hear from you. Man, it’s been yeuch but – on the plus side, I feel really well today and am back on the grindstone tomorrow – early. A blessing and a curse – the routine will do me good, despite the 5am start. Thank you so much for your kind comments, too, H. Without the clouds – what would they be? Really? So glad you like ’em! Great to hear from you my friend! I hope that you too are keeping very well! Very best, R.

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    1. Alessandra, hi! So lovely to hear from you again. I am so glad you enjoyed these frames, too! Here in South West Scotland, the numbers are rising again too, I’m afraid. I wonder if we will escape another lockdown but if only people would listen. Sadly, all the masks and gel aren’t worth spit if people won’t pay attention. We did and it got us nowhere. Glad to have gotten it out of the way and I’m hoping that the double vaccine had something to do with it not being too long or drawn out. I know some who are still suffering long-term despite their double jab and I count myself and those closest to me as the lucky ones. Fighting fit and raring to go. I hope too that you are keeping well, my dear. Always lovely to hear from you! Very best, Rob.

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  2. Nice shots as usual Rob.
    Sorry to hear you’ve copped for a dose. It seems this thing is determined to get us! So far we have been ok even with both of us working in vaccine clinics. In a few days we are off to Berlin to see the daughter for the first time since the pandemic started, so we are keeping well clear of people and taking every precaution we can. Fingers crossed.
    Hope you have a quick recovery. B

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    1. Hi Brian! Thank you so much for your kind words.. I’ll make sure da family know too. First to get was our oldest boy and we succumbed within a few days. As a frontline health worker myself having been exposed many more times than I can possibly know, I can absolutely state the positive value of good PPE! Anyway.. I’m not going to step onto a soapbox. Do take care, my friend. You know the score, but I feel better saying it! Above all, have a great time and come back with frames! I’d love to shoot around Berlin! Really glad you like these few shots, Brian. My very best to you! R 🙏📷😷

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