Beaumaris Castle Ruins, Anglesey | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

35mm, black & white, fine art, history, infrared, photography, ruins, structures, waterscape

The Greatest Castle Never Built.

I | The Moated North-West Walls of Beaumaris Castle.

35chronicle.290 (1)

II | On the Inside & … Remembering Marsden.

35chronicle.290 (2)

– Memento Vivere! – 
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7 thoughts on “Beaumaris Castle Ruins, Anglesey | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Hi Quy, please don’t apologise, I’ve been a tad busy lately and rather out of touch too. Nonetheless, always good to hear from you my friend and thank you for your kind comments and for your generous share! As always – extremely grateful! I hope you are very well and like since forever, I continue to follow your stirring post! Have a great weekend, Q. Very best, Rob.

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  1. I am always impressed and amazed at the structures you photograph and share, Rob. These two did not disappoint. We do have some relics here that somewhat mirror those of old Europe but they do not compare to the scale and grandeur.

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    1. Oh Steve, you should visit the UK if you like this kind of caper. And Wales is the UK’s castle-capital apparently. We managed six during our week there with the kids and I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least a little, the few more I have to share in coming weeks. No spoilers yet, but watch this space. The weather let me down while we were on Anglesey, but, I got the best I could. I am really glad that you like them! Thank you, Steve! From you, this is a huge compliment!


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