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The Whole Picture.

Holidays shouldn’t just be holidays. They should be a closely connected string of wonderful and shared memories that make up the very fabric of each of our lives, interspersed with all the mundane and repetitive too, for the full picture to be truly appreciated. As I sometimes like to sit in quiet, philosophical contemplation, the two predominant feelings I always come back to are of gratitude and love, for what I’ve known and, what I have. Call it my positive outlook on life if you will, no doubt strengthened by certain life experiences; or just my appreciation for what I get to enjoy (whenever I am paying attention!) We should all pay more attention sometimes.

I: Leaving |  Talacre Beach, North Wales | 35mm

35chronicle.291 (1)


Even one week away from home, with the resultant shirking of responsibility of household chores, work, timetables and such-like is something we all need once in a while, and our trip to North Wales was not planned too far in advance, largely (pretty much entirely, actually) because during the pandemic, so many people have been losing out financially (we, included) to companies and organisations who were taking bookings before lockdowns and either not opening their doors again or simply not honouring them after restrictions were eased. Once bitten, as they say. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure that this time, we’d actually get away as a family and give the boys, too, the break that they deserved. It came good. 

As artists, writers, photographers – there is an inherent need in us to record life; the imagined, the seen, the felt, the experienced. Does a picture paint a thousand words, though? I would like to think so. But I don’t believe that a thousand words can always be enough. I could easily write a thousand here, today, but I wouldn’t be so sure that they’d conjure up anything so good as to convey such joys as knowing that my family were stood around me, behind me, waiting for me to take the “bloody” shot (they are never so impatient, in truth and are completely understanding when I have a camera in hand! What also isn’t conveyed, is that a nine year old boy is waiting for his step-dad to trip the shutter enough to satisfy, so that the same little boy can chuck a rock in the pool and see the splash; but he knows that the reflection is the reason for the shot, and so – patiently, he sacrifices for a while, and waits without complaint or resentment. His teenage brother too, waits; to kick his football across the beach or to throw me a ball in the hope he’ll catch me out; and his mother waits too  with no agenda save only to know that what I do makes me happy. So yes, you may see a lighthouse, but my mind is crammed with such memories that I am filled with both happiness for experiencing and, sadness for the passing of yet another, now filed to memories. But what memories!

II: Before the Splash! | Point of Ayr Lighthouse (Talacre) 1776 at Low Tide [Decommissioned 1844] | 35mm

35chronicle.291 (2)

– Memento Vivere! – 
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7 thoughts on “Reflections: Point of Ayr Lighthouse | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. Hello! We don’t know eachother, nor have I commented here before, although I have checked in a few times. I just wanted to comment that I thought your post was very thoughtful and so well written. I know many photographers who rush about all over the place and yes do produce some lovely work, but in my humble opinion , stopping and recognising the other “stuff” is just as, maybe, more important. Sometimes, there is a right time to put down the camera and just be! All best wishesvto you and your family- Andy.

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    1. Andy, hello! Your comments are very gratefully and humbly received. Thank you so much for taking time not only to stop by my pages again, but also of your appreciation of the oft’ unknown considerations behind the image. If our art is to convey, then a certain talent is absolutely required and, here, often, I lack to ability to convey. Forward beauty, that which lies before the lens, can be in itself enough. But what’s happening behind it, is seldom seen and left to subjective interpretation. And I am happy to thwart the latter with the truth of it, from time to time! My family and I thank you for your kind thoughts and wish you the very same. I shall be following your posts… Portland Bill brings back good memories from my (much, much!) younger years! Thank you!! Very best, Rob.


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