Penrhyn Castle Country House: PT.II | 35Chronicle Photography

35mm, black & white, fine art, history, Indoor, photography, still life, structures

Still Lifes & a Couple of Self-Portraits.

IV | Out of Ink! | 35mm

35chronicle.293 (3)

V | A Black & White Study | 35mm

35chronicle.293 (2)

VI | From Behind Red Ropes | 35mm

35chronicle.293 (1)

Penrhyn Castle: PT.I
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4 thoughts on “Penrhyn Castle Country House: PT.II | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. Such opulence back in the day. Nice to see a few self-portraits of you at work too. As a furniture restorer I absolutely love the carved legs on the piece (desk?) in the second image. Work like that would be almost impossible to have done today. Certainly not by anyone but an artist carving on assignment.

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