Penrhyn Castle Country House: PT.IV | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

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From Shaky Ground to Solid Foundations. [* See: PT.I]

Over the course of the summer, I have had the most wonderful opportunities to photograph some simply stunning places and, Penrhyn Castle has found its way to becoming one of my most favourite so far. Here, I would to close this series with these final four infrared frames, made under glorious sunshine and beautiful blue skies – just perfect for this kind of caper. A fabulous way to spend time and to appreciate so much. Without my family, I would not have been able to get these shots at all, largely because – we decided to go and I would never have been there if it weren’t for them. But I have to extend my gratitude and love to them also, for their unending patience, good humour and tolerance of my endeavours. I guess there are only so many times they should be able to put up with’ “Hang on – I just need to grab this one. Oh, and this one!” I just haven’t found the limit yet. Neither, it seems, have they!

I do hope you’ll enjoy these last frames from Penrhyn and, thank you again for reading.


X | Through | 720nm Infrared

35chronicle.295 (3)

XI | From Scrub to Splendour | 720nm Infrared

35chronicle.295 (2)

XII | Through [II] | 720nm Infrared

35chronicle.295 (5)

XIII | Penrhyn | 720nm Infrared

35chronicle.295 (4)

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