Threave Castle: PT.I/II | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

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The Day of Two Cakes [PT.II]

As I make the transition from days to nights today, I find that I have a little time to share a few images, straight out of the final edit stage that I was able to grab on Friday last week; a day of glorious sunshine and the whole day with which to enjoy it! Bumble and I decided to head out to Threave Castle at Castle Douglas both as one last go at getting out before my run of shifts commenced and, as a treat for our youngest, Flynn. We called it ‘The Day of Two Cakes – Part II’. We’ve done this before with the kids – we head somewhere for a visit and a few shots then head to a nice café for lunch and cake, and in the afternoon we do it all over again. It’s a way to keep their attention I guess and gives them something less arduous to look forward to. Believe me, it works! Anyhow – Threave was our first stop and I cannot understand why I have never shot or even visited here in the twenty plus years that I have been living in South West Scotland. It’s such an obvious place to come and see and given my penchant for castles, ruins and the odd infrared landscape shot(!) – not to mention water and boats, I have to ask myself how I could have been so neglectful as to wait so long to come here? Perhaps I knew I’d rave about it after as much as I seem to be doing and, I guess it’s better to keep something wonderful in reserve rather than eat all our sweeties in one sitting? 

I | Reflections of Threave Castle & the Ferry | 35mm – 720nm IR

35chronicle.297 (1)


The tower was built by Archibald ‘the Grim’ in 1369 as a 30 metre high stronghold for the Black Douglases and for 21 years it was the seat of the very powerful Margaret Stewart, Lady of Galloway. It is accessed by boat across the River Dee, though when we visited, the crossings were not available. I guess we’re getting used to this now, however, the best views were indeed from the opposite bank and, as these frames contain a few of my favourite things, I can only hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do. The peace, the still of the water and the utterly gorgeous light. 

Not to mention – two cakes. Does life get any better than this?


II | Threave Castle on the Dee | 50mm – 720nm IR

35chronicle.297 (2)

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3 thoughts on “Threave Castle: PT.I/II | 720nm Infrared | 35Chronicle Photography

  1. Hey, Rob!
    That tonal gradation on water is amazing. What film did you use on this? I see that you captioned it as 35mm 720nm, so assuming you used a B&W stock and a 720 filter? Or do you shoot IR film like HIE or Ortho?
    My guess is the former as I do not see much halation around the highlights, which HIE or Ortho would give, but unsure. can you clarify?
    I’m about to start experimenting with B&W 35mm and a 720 filter as well, because I recently tried the old Fomapan from Czech Republic (my old country) and was reminded how awful halation and high sensitivity for red spectrum that B&W film had. Which makes it a challenge for B&W, but an interesting candidate for IR where the halation is desired. Also, its grain was rather pronounced.

    Better yet, that Fomapan 100 is dirt cheap!

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    1. Hi Jiri… thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad you like these. I hate to disappoint you though, but I shot these as I do all my IRs on my ageing GXR system of lens / sensor units which have been internally converted to various wavelengths and for various photographic purposes. I have around five of them (all APS-C units). These were shot specifically on an A16 24-85mm converted to LTFS (Luminous Tone Full Spectrum) with a Hoya R72 on the lens front element, in RAW and lightly edited in LR. I did experiment with IR film decades ago but never got results anything like these. The 35 and 50 refer only to FLs. I do as much as I can with the 35mm FL as it happens to be my favoured for general photography but occasionally, I need a little extra reach or width, for my more rural subjects! So, I’m sorry to have to reveal a far less romantic method but you’ve proved one thing… it’s the final image that counts, and for your thoughts, I am extremely grateful, my friend! Very best, Rob. 🙏📷

      Liked by 1 person

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