An Old Sentinel: PT.II | 720nm Infrared & VIS | 35Chronicle Photography

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Dunskey Castle: A Little More Time.

In December of 2019, I saw for the first time and photographed – the gorgeous ruins of Dunskey Castle near Portpatrick. The original post can be found here: Post No.170. Of course, when the weather is good for IR shoots, as it was in my original post, I’ll always reach for my infrared equipped cameras first but even when the light drops, as it did here right before sunset, if the subject is good and the conditions are favourable, IR isn’t always necessary in order for me to come away with a sense of achievement or pleasure from capturing the realisation of an image in my head before I even got there. Here, I wanted to concentrate on getting some longer exposures of the castle ruins at different focal-lengths and combine my use of infrared and visible light. So, as Bumble unpacked the chairs and the late evening picnic she’d lovingly prepared earlier, I set up my equipment and polished off my Big Stopper ND. I hope that I have done this wonderful place a little more justice than I managed on my first visit; and if I haven’t – I still have the beautiful memories of a cliff-top picnic at sunset, on the edge of the world with my bestie! Worth it!

Time passes like clouds, over us all – even the stone won’t survive forever and, I feel a poignant sense of relief in that sometimes, we can get to slow time down to a stop – and watch it in replay again and again, in a still.


I | 35mm. 30″. f21.0. ISO:200 – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.299 (1)

II | 24mm. 60″. f22.0. ISO:100 – VIS.

35chronicle.299 (3)

III | 50mm. 30″. f22.0. ISO:200 – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.299 (2)

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7 thoughts on “An Old Sentinel: PT.II | 720nm Infrared & VIS | 35Chronicle Photography

    1. Definitely a great IR subject and late evening was the best time for low-light and a little cloud. Fifteen minutes after these were taken, it rained stair-rods so – got ’em just in time! Thank you so much for your kind words! Very best, Rob.


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