Closer Stills: PT.XXXI | Barnacles on Razor Shell

28mm, black & white, close-up, fine art, macro, nature, photography

On Perfect Imperfections?

It’s hard to believe (for me, anyway) that it has been over a year since I shot or posted any serious macro shots here. It may also be difficult to believe that macro is one of my favourite genres of photography and has fascinated me ever since I first picked up a serious camera. Many years ago I would have had so much macro gear and I’d made good use of it all too; but the longer I have been shooting, the less gear I want and, the more use I want to get out of the much less that I have. I have even started, over the last few years, to stop craving perfection (insomuch as I have been able to obtain it. Was it ever so, though? Probably not.) With all this mind, I have a number of macro and close-up options open to me but when I am shooting under controlled conditions (in my purpose-made cupboard under the stairs!) I still prefer to reach for my old Ricoh GRD IV. Desk tripod, a couple of clamps and desk lights, ISO:80, self-timer and a cuppa – sorted. Oh, and black & white of course. Who needs colour when form and texture can slap one in the face like this? Speaking of old, if you’re interested (and this is the case for all my work) – I don’t care much for updating my software when I can see results that I absolutely love with an eight year old version of LR (yup, I’m still on 4.4). So, old cameras, old software (old brain?) who cares? I still love this caper! 

Subject: The razor shell was something I picked up from Prestatyn beach when we were in North Wales for our holibags; I wrapped it in a napkin, stuffed it in my camera bag and once I left it in my studio on our return home, I promptly forgot about it. With an hour to kill this morning, I thought it was time I set it up for a shoot. It’s not particularly pretty but I love it anyway. So, just for fun, here’s an old shell, shot with an old camera and processed on comparatively ancient software. I hope you’ll enjoy! 


I | 1″ – f9.0 – ISO:80 – 28mm – Spot Metred – EV -0.7

35chronocle.302 (1)

II | 1/6th” – f5.6 – ISO:80 – 28mm – Spot Metred – EV -1.0

35chronocle.302 (2)

III | 1/2″ – f8.0 – ISO:80 – 28mm – Spot Metred – EV -1.0

35chronocle.302 (3)

IV | 1″ – f8.0 – ISO:80 – 28mm – Spot Metred – EV -1.0

35chronocle.302 (4)

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2 thoughts on “Closer Stills: PT.XXXI | Barnacles on Razor Shell

    1. Alessandra, lovely to hear from you and thank you! Glad you liked these and, I agree. Even the search for it can easily detract from the simple joy of capturing. Also, I’m far too long in the tooth to modernise, now! 🙄🤣🙏📷

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